TEACHERS! Why don't they issue a jar of YLANG with our teaching credential? I had a class that wasn't able to sit still for even my best lessons. At the L.A. County Fair I discovered Aroma Sensations, Inc., and their little jar of YLANG. I opened it in my classroom and suddenly students seemed to be attending to the lesson. Luckily the fair is in September, or I never would have made it through the first month of school that year. This year I forgot to open the jar when school opened after the summer and my class couldn't sit still. Assignments were taking three times longer than they should. As soon as I opened the jar of YLANG I had the model class. They are following directions and completing assignments!! In four years I have only needed two small jars to make a BIG difference in learning in my classroom. Parents and administrators seem to give me the "active" kids because they get in less trouble in my room. I have shared my secret with other teachers at my school, but they don't believe a simple aroma can make such a difference. BELIEVE IT! Terry - Redlands, California

I bought the Chamomile, Lavender, Ylang, Peppermint & Muscle Mist spray..they all work fantastic! My headaches go away and my aching muscles go away with the spray! Carol Agbisit

I've been using Aroma Sensations for a few years. I purchased the appetite suppressant to help me cut back on my snacking. I keep it open on my nightstand. Ever since then, I don't snack as much or as often. I also purchased the stress oil which I keep on my counter at work. I found that it relaxes me and my customers, also. Vivian Carvalho

Hi, I was at the Pomona Fair and I saw your booth and I was intrigued. I talked to this lovely young woman about my problems (PTSD, snoring and sleep disturbance, depression, anxiety, vertigo, etc.) She was very helpful and I thought what the hell - I've spent so much money on other things and they didn't work, not to mention the horrible meds with the side effects that made it all worse! So I got Marjoram, Ylang Top and Eucalyptus to help my sleep. I used it that night and I'll be danged if I didn't notice a difference the next morning - I wasn't as tired and my mouth wasn't as dry. I still snore but nowhere as bad and I feel so much better because I'm sleeping better. I also bought Lavender, Rose and Chamomile for my anxiety - they do help. I switch them around depending on how I feel. Also bought Peppermint and Apple - they help me with my vertigo. It doesn't stop my vertigo - I have it pretty bad - but it does calm it down a little and I'll take that over pills any day!!!! To say you have a customer for life is an understatement! Thank you so much! Ruthanne Goodfarb

My girlfriend and I visited your booth and purchased in Anderson, CA. Although I sell nutritional products, including herbal formulas, I must say I was skeptical about the oils. After one night I found no more snoring for either my husband or myself using the Marjoram, and way less mucus from our allergies by using the Pine. When I wake in the morning my mouth is not all dried out from breathing through my mouth. I just started using the Ylang for stress in the office and I must tell you, it works. Thank you for bringing such a high quality product to the unaware public. I am now ordering more scents for overall well-being. Carla Gardiner - Red Bluff, CA

"...I got the Ylang as a gift. I love it! Now I want to buy some to give as gifts!" -- Kate

My husband & son are very restless sleepers! They grind their teeth and kick & roll around all night!! I went to the Vegas show and bought the jar of Ylang and used it the night we got home & didn't experience anymore getting woken up. Thanks Bree & Aroma Sensations! Hovi Family

My daughter is autistic and it has helped her with her sensory sensitivity! She is much more easily adaptive to major sensory sensations. She's also used Muscle Mist for menstrual cramps. Tracy Thompson - La Verne, CA

I had a lot of trouble with concentrating on things and sleeping and I was under a lot of stress. At the New Mexico State Fair, I discovered Aroma Sensations and tried the Ylang. The first night that I tried it, I slept through the whole night and was well rested the next day. And being a non-believer, I told myself I slept because I was worn out, but the next night I slept even better. Needless to say, I use it every night now and some of your other oils. And I am now a firm believer in what they can do. Cherryl Hayne - CO

Dear Chris, when I first purchased a bottle of Lavender, little did I realize that I would find other Aromas Sedona so very helpful, too. The Lavender did, indeed, help with my getting better sleep. I've since found it more effective by opening it with a jar of Mandarin. The one that has best helped me with sleep has been Neroli. As I've gotten older, I've had to go off all caffeine as it was just sticking too long in my system, making sleep difficult. In doing this and in using the above, whenever needed, my sleep is deep. However, when I need some energy, I have found that Ylang has been absolutely wonderful for this. Since it isn't ingested and as long as I don't use it too late in the day, I certainly get that boost without it disturbing sleep patterns. I've also found Apple to be a good energy booster, as well as a terrific appetite suppressant. Out of all these lovely aromas, Apple is my favorite fragrance. Lastly, I do find that Marjoram is that fine immune system booster. A couple mornings ago, I felt like I was starting to catch a cold. By having Marjoram open on my desk, the symptoms of an oncoming cold soon dissipated. In summary, I found these aromas to be such a great help to my mentioned health needs. I'm thankful to the Lord Jesus for those that have discovered these oils. I'm also thankful to God for you & your staff, such an efficient distributor of this outstanding product. Ruth Dollar - Long Beach, CA

I am treasurer for two organizations. I open the Ylang Ylang oil jar on my desk while I'm working and it helps me focus & concentrate. John Unger

Hi Bree, my daughter and I met you the other night at the LA Fair and just wanted to say thanks! Loved the products you sell. I purchased the Ylang and can say I've actually had some great night's sleep since (I often wake in the middle of the night and would rarely sleep a full night). Since "sniffing" the Ylang before I go to bed, I've slept through the night and wake more refreshed than the past. I've never been one to take or like the effects of sleeping pills and got to say this is much better. I was a little skeptical at first (you know, snake oil salesmen of the past), but thought would give a try since nothing else seemed to work. We also purchased the Muscle Mist and what a great product. I've been using it daily on a sore neck and can say I have movement that I haven't had in a long time. I actually shared the product with my brother and he's now going to visit your booth at the fair to purchase. I have only 1 bad comment for the product... and that, should be sold in gallon containers, cause once you share/show this to a friend or family member, they want mine. Thanks again for your product and it was great meeting you. You know your product and we love ours. Can't wait to purchase some of the other aroma oils. PS>>> My daughter was the girl with allergic reactions to many products and I can safely say, since using the InsectiNo, she's had no breakouts and hasn't come home from work with any new sand flea bites!!! Thanks again for the wonderful products!!! Cindy & Nichole - San Bernardino, CA

I have used the Ylang for my grandson's hyperactivity and found it helped him sleep better and he seemed to be able to sit and do his schoolwork better. Thank you, Ira (PS - The Muscle Mist spray is great for my husband's back.)

I have been using the Ylang aroma oil at night. My sleep has been great. The room smells refreshing. I have used the Muscle Mist spray after playing volleyball and have not experienced any cramping. Thanks for the great products, Jun

I purchased the Ylang a year ago and used it every night to help calm me down - it worked awesome! The Muscle Mist is really wonderful - I spray it on my aching feet and it helps every time! Thank you! Jill (PS - just purchased more Ylang!)

I have been using the Ylang aroma oil at night. My sleep has been great. The room smells refreshing. I have used the Muscle Mist spray after playing volleyball and have not experienced any cramping. Thanks for the great products - June Overholt

I bought a jar of Ylang and a jar of Rosemary at the New Living Expo in San Francisco last April. The Ylang has changed the whole atmosphere of my classroom from chaos to comfort. It generates calm, productive activity where there was once indifference and disrespect. Thanks so much! The Rosemary has been effective for my headaches, too. Sharon Stewart - Concord, CA

We use the Ylang with our foster kids and it really helps calm them down.90% of them have ADD or ADHD. I use the Rosemary for my migraines every night. We got the Rosemary about three years ago and I don't get migraines very often anymore - once every few months but they used to be once a week at least and I only got the small jar. Terry - NM

I use the Ylang to help me sleep after a long day of worrying about the stresses that the day brings. I open my jar at night and I relax. I fall asleep without worrying about all the things I need to take care of the following day. My eight-year-old daughter also uses it to fall asleep. I also use the Rosemary oil for my migraines and it works great. I highly recommend all of these products. The Muscle Mist is great, too!!!! Gina Vargas

The Rosemary has helped my chronic headaches. I no longer need aspirin constantly. I used to have migraines every day and I haven't had one since - it's been a full year. Also the Ylang has helped me stay focused with studying as well as taking tests. This stuff actually works. I was able to stop my medication for ADD and just use the Ylang. The Muscle Mist is perfect for people who play sports - it's like a quick massage. Rachel Branch - NM

We used the Marjoram for our dog to stop snoring. He now sleeps with us again and it took only two nights. The Eucalyptus opens our sinuses and I don't get sinus headaches as often anymore and with the Ylang we sleep more soundly. We use all three of them in our room every night. Ray & Debbie Newhouse - Glendale, AZ

Bought Ylang at the Christmas Cowboy Show for my granddaughter who is hyperactive, ADHD - uses it at night to sleep and uses it when she does her homework and it helps her concentrate on her school better. We also have the Marjoram for snoring and it stopped within the week. Ann Kageyama

Bought the Marjoram for snoring..it only took one week to stop and all I did was inhale five or six times and left it open all night..and no more snoring. And at work on my desk I use the Ylang to relax and enjoy and it keeps me focused on my work without causing more stress in my life. John - Fresno, CA

I love this product. Rose, Pine, and Marjoram have enhanced my sleep. The Miracle Mist has been an immediate aid to random aches and pains. The Ylang has been a big hit at the office and the small jars I bought at the trade show made great gifts! Thank you for this product! Thank you to Bree for giving me a great deal! Jeff

We use the Ylang for our Bully Dogs. We have four of them and it's great for the separation anxiety and when we need them to calm down. It's just a great relaxing oil for me and my dogs. Jim Munevar de Pineda - Phoenix, AZ

What drew me to your exhibit in Del Mar was the Marjoram in solving my snoring problem. Of course, it wasn't a problem for me - only my wife! But what really caught my attention was the Ylang for concentration. Over the years my concentration ability has slowly decreased and in my decision-making engineering position it was essential that I have that ability. When I opened the Ylang in my office the first thing in the morning I took a few whiffs before settling down to read some documents. After 30 minutes I got up to go out of the office. Reaching to remove my reading glasses I realized I had been reading these documents without my glasses on!! Not only had it improved my concentration, but it had improved my eyesight as well! -- Ed P.
Kelsey and Barb

Love your oil scents! I'm on the road all the time driving in my car and can't wait to use my new Ylang oil to manage my road rage. Mom loves the Mist. The stress and tension from her surf session left as soon as it was sprayed on her tight spots.

"I love the stuff!! I have them at home and at the office. I just purchased my third jar of Ylang!! I tried the spray and it was wonderful. It worked within seconds!!"

Judy Fregoso, Tucson

Hi, Chris…I was introduced to your products last year by a parent in my second grade class.  WHAT A FIND!  I purchased your Ylang in hopes of increasing the focus and calmness of my students.  Individually, these students were wonderful – as a class, they were much like a match and oil.  After two weeks, I started to notice that our lesson length was increasing (from 20 minutes to 45 minutes).  And then, one night the custodian caught me.  You know something is working when the custodian tells you to buy a new jar!  She had noticed that my once clean and tidy room was becoming quite the mess each afternoon – both the floor and desk arrangements.  Actually, her comment made me realize that my students were not as consistently on-task and focused.  After purchasing a new jar, this time the large size, my class returned to their focused and calm state and the custodian was once again happy.  I also receive comments on how fresh my classroom smells.  Last June, I purchased jars of Ylang for my partner teachers so we all could share in the peace of fresh-smelling rooms full of focused students.  This past week, we all ordered replacement jars for next year, including a few extras for friends!  Thank you for being a part of my classroom each year!  Smiles, C. Wilson

Sorry we are so delinquent in sending this email, but we wanted to thank you so much for sending us the 2 jars to try - one is by our bed so Mel doesn't grind his teeth, and the other one is in Linda's office, left open during the facial laser treatments so patients feel relaxed. They're both working great. I'm going to have to get some for the other office - I'll email your website. Mel also likes the Muscle Mist. Now I don't hear about his aching neck so much. Again, thanks so much for letting us try your products - you have us hooked! Linda and Mel

I have used a few of your products and have been very happy with all of them.  I recently tried the Muscle Mist because I had injured my knee running.  As I get back to my normal running schedule, I have found that your Muscle Mist gives me a lot of pain relief!  My husband just tried it this weekend on his golfer's elbow and couldn't believe how quickly it eased his discomfort!  It’s a great product!  The two oils I've used the most are the Ylang and the Peppermint.  One of my children has trouble falling asleep and the other has a tendency to get headaches.  We now keep a jar of these oils in their rooms and it really helps them.  Just before bed my son takes a few sniffs of the Ylang and it helps him fall asleep.  We also use the Cinnamon in the kitchen to help with cooking smells and dog smells.  No one even notices we have a dog when they walk in the house now….it just smells good!  Thanks!   J. Catterall

I am writing to thank you and tell you that I have been using Lavender and Ylang together every night since I first got the oils and I have been sleeping better than I have slept in years. I was ready to go to a sleep center to try to find out why I haven't slept for years and then went to a home show and found the Aroma Sensations booth. I bought the above oils and I have only had one night in the past 2-1/2 weeks that I couldn't sleep and for me that is like a miracle. I use it exactly as directed. Also, I started getting a migraine headache when I was at that home show so I went back to the booth and told them I was getting a migraine. They had me sit down and use Rosemary for about 10 minutes and my headache went away and did NOT return. I bought Rosemary also and have used it one other time at the onset of a migraine - and it works. I just wanted to let you know that this is working for me and I am very pleased with the products and the customer service is excellent. Chris Hardy even drove over to my house to bring me one product that they didn't have at the show. Thanks for being there.  Sincerely, Carol R."

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