Q: How does the Rosemary work for migraines?
The pain associated with migraines is the result of blood vessels & arteries being dilated (enlarged/inflamed). By inhaling Rosemary, it constricts the arteries & blood vessels which, in turn, takes away the pain and pressure. Rosemary acts as a vasoconstrictor, much like Imitrex & Maxalt. If you already have a migraine or you get an aura, it is recommended to smell Rosemary continuously until the pain subsides.this normally takes 5-10 minutes. The pressure should gradually decrease. Put the open jar beside you for approximately 5 minutes; this will ensure the arteries remain constricted to reduce the chance of the pain returning. If migraines occur on a very frequent basis, you may use Rosemary as a preventative measure by keeping it open on your nightstand each night and closing it in the morning. (Please see instructions below for use as a preventative). Travel/small size jars of Rosemary are available. NOTE: Rosemary can possibly increase blood pressure, so it is not recommended for people who are pregnant or have high blood pressure or epilepsy.

Q: How does the Marjoram work for snoring?
When you lie down to sleep, your tongue, soft palate and uvula relax onto the back of your throat causing an obstruction. Snoring is due to the vibration caused by this obstruction while breathing in and out. Marjoram opens up the airway passages, adds muscle tone to the throat area and takes away that obstruction. Most common snorers will stop snoring within two to three nights; however, it may take up to six weeks for some as it is on an individual basis.

Q: Will the Marjoram work if I have sleep apnea?
In the case of sleep apnea, the obstruction is more severe than the common snorer. It is recommended you take 8-10 sniffs. If using a CPAP machine, you may use the Marjoram with your machine. Take 5+ sniffs & then place the jar next to the intake valve on the machine. If the Marjoram is effective on you, you may notice there is too much air coming into your system and the level on your CPAP may need to be lowered. There have been quite a few cases where the snoring has stopped on the first night. If you don't see an improvement in several weeks, you may put a little oil on your upper lip or mustache in order to have a more concentrated dose throughout the night (test on back of hand first for sensitivity). Because of the severity of the blockage in sleep apnea cases, it sometimes takes much longer to see results and it is not as common for the person to stop snoring completely.

Q: Will the Marjoram work on dogs?
Yes, it will! In fact, we've received many testimonials even from owners of pugs, bulldogs and boxers stating that their little ones stopped snoring, too!

Q: Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
We offer a money-back guarantee on the large size jars for Marjoram (snoring) and on both sizes of the Rosemary (migraines) only. Use the product for six to eight weeks consistently. If you do not see an improvement in your condition, return the product to us for a money back guarantee (minus shipping and handling).

Q: Why isn't the travel/small size Marjoram included in your money-back guarantee?
The snorer needs the most concentrated dose and the largest coverage in order for the Marjoram to be the most effective, therefore only the large (regular) size is guaranteed.

Q: What's the marble for?
This is hands-down our most frequently asked question. The marble is only used for demonstration at our booth. Because the jar looks like a candle or gel, people don't realize that it's actually a biodegradable sponge along with the aromatherapy oil. The marble is used at our booth so when people go to smell the oil they don't spill it all over their shirt and end up smelling like that particular oil all day long! If you would like a marble with your order please call the toll free number and receive one free of charge.

Q: Are the prices different at the shows?
Yes. There is a special "show price" that you receive only at the shows which includes tax and obviously there are no shipping & handling costs. Please see our "Upcoming Shows" section to see when we'll be in your area again...and you can always email us to see if we're planning any shows in a particular area.

Q: What is Aromatherapy?
In the healing art of aromatherapy, aromatic oils are inhaled to promote physical healing, mental balance and emotional well-being. Distilled from the leaves, fruits, wood, roots, seeds and flowers of plants and trees, each concentrated essential oil has specific properties. Through the olfactory system, essential oil molecules have direct access to the limbic area (center of emotions and memory) or the brain, bypassing the blood-brain barrier. International research suggests that aromatherapy can immediately affect the central nervous system (for example: revitalizes, uplifts and increases productivity levels, improves information retention, soothes and relaxes, stimulates sexual appetitie and helps healing.)

Q: How do I use aromatherapy oils for alleviating symptoms?
Each essential oil has unique properties that will assist in treating specific symptoms (i.e. coughing, stress, migraines, asthma - see our "Symptoms" page for more information). For alleviation of specific symptoms (i.e., coughing, headaches, travel sickness), smell the aromatherapy continuously until symptom subsides - you will usually feel results within 10 minutes. Periodic sniffs are suggested if symptoms persist. To use as a preventative for certain symptoms you will use the oil while sleeping (i.e., insomnia, snoring, asthma, migraines, etc.): Open jar, smell 5 times before going to bed & place the open jar as close as possible to you on the night table. (It is suggested that something be placed under the jar in case of spillage such as a glass dish or bowl). In the morning, close the jar and give it several mild shakes to moisten the sponge.

Q: How does the Anti-Smoke oil work?
The Anti-Smoke works in both sizes. Most people will smell the oil 5 times when they crave a cigarette and it usually takes away the craving within about a minute. For some people, it doesn't take away the craving but it makes the cigarette taste pretty bad so they usually spit it out after a puff or two. Some people (usually men) have put some oil on their mustache as well. :)

Q: Where can I use these oils?
You can use them inside the home or outside the home: the car, office, R.V. boat, gym - wherever you happen to be. The ones with specific odor elimination properties are great in closets, lockers, mudrooms and stuffy areas. Some scents help purify the office air and lessen the chance of respiratory ailments; others are stress reducers and provide a calming influence; still others improve productivity. Where there are small children or pets that might disturb an open jar, or where a more decorative top is desired, or to increase the product longevity, a special porous ceramic lid is available.

Q: How long does your product last?
Our large sized jar will last approximately one to two years if open for 8 hours a day every day. Our travel/small size will usually last between six to eight months. Of course the life span of the oils will vary with remedy usage and environmental conditions. Also, the Muscle Mist has a shelf life of 12 years and counting.

Q: Can I use more than one oil at the same time?
Yes, you may use up to 3 oils at the same time as your brain cannot process more than that. However, it is not recommended to use Lavender & Rosemary together as they may counteract each other. Any other combination of oils is fine.

Q: How do I care for this product?
The oils are simple to care for, portable and require virtually no maintenance. Although the jars can be left open at all times, most people like to close the lid when it is not in use so the product lasts longer (i.e. those for sleeping are closed in the morning). Please note that some of the oils are more active than others and, therefore, will have a more dominant fragrance & evaporate at a faster rate than others. Keep the sponge moist by giving the jar several shakes after it's been open for a length of time to increase the longevity of the oil. The oils are not meant to be used on the skin. It is suggested that a glass dish or bowl be placed under the jar in case of spillage. Do not place oils in direct sunlight. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

Q: How can I take the jar with me when traveling by airplane?
We highly recommend putting the jar in a zipper-lock baggie (and possibly double bagging it) in order to ensure the oil doesn't come in contact with the contents of your luggage. Unfortunately, after the seal has been broken, these lids may have a tendency to leak if they are transported on their sides or upside down. You may also put saran wrap over the opening of the jar before closing it for a better seal.

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