I woke up with a hangover & a real bad headache. I smelled the Rosemary about 4-5 times, went back to bed; got up around 20 minutes later, smelled it again a few times & within a half hour I felt fine. No hangover or headache. I have never been able to get rid of a headache without taking several pills such as Tylenol or Motrin. Laurie Lujano - Fresno, CA

I have severe migraines & have not had a migraine. What a refreshing feeling to not have to take medication! I also have used Muscle Mist for severe back pain and I have been able to move & do my "motherly" activities more easily. Tracy Thompson - La Verne, CA

My 8-1/2 year-old daughter has suffered from migraines that last up to 6 days. She's had them since she was 3. She usually has one migraine every 2-5 months. We purchased the Rosemary oil and leave it open on her nightstand each night. She went for almost 9 months without a migraine. My mother, who suffers from monthly migraines, purchased the Rosemary oil. She has been able to "stop" migraines by sniffing the oil at the onset. She's been successful for several months now. We've since had my mother-in-law and step-mom buy a jar. We'll wait & see how they do with the oil. Lynda J.

Muscle Mist is awesome! It has lessened my pain and I'm in pain every day! I've probably had fibromyalgia since I was a kid - they just hadn't diagnosed it. Rosemary is lessening my migraines. It doesn't take them completely away but it's only been a week! I love the smell! Kathy Claus - NM

I'm a 60-year-old renal, diabetic, congestive heart, severe apnea patient as well as have a pulmonary condition (on oxygen) that has been using essential oils of Marjoram to sleep (via a bi-pap machine to inhale as well as applying under nose). This product works very well for me since I've come across it approximately three years ago. I also use Peppermint in the morning to wake me up along with good dark coffee to really fire me up. I use Eucalyptus to enhance my breathing occasionally. I also use Rosemary for headaches and Lavender for relaxing. All these products have been working very well for some time. I only regret they have no oil to make me younger or prettier…but then I really don't need any for the latter. : Jim Clark - NM

We were skeptical at first, but the Rosemary scent really worked on my migraines & my husband's stress. We even got another one for my sister and she loves it, too. M. Hill - New Mexico

My friend, Lynda, has a young daughter who suffers for days on end when she gets a migraine (which is usually frequent). Since breathing the Rosemary oil in her room every night her daughter has only suffered from one migraine in the last nine months - and that one was far less intense than usual. She mailed me your website so I decided to try it on my migraines and TMJ (Muscle Mist). Wish me luck. Lisa S

Mom found this stuff several years back at a craft show and I have been hooked ever since. I have TMJ and chronic migraines and it's the only thing that has ever worked. I use the Rosemary for migraines, more like a preventative, and if I do get a migraine, I use the Muscle Mist. As for the TMJ, the ONLY thing that makes it feel better when I have a flare-up is the Muscle Mist. I order the big one for the house and the small one for my purse. Many thanks. Kendra - Miami, FL

I purchased Rosemary in Reno. I used Imitrex monthly for three years. After trying Rosemary I have not had to take any Imitrex, which costs $180 for nine tablets. The Rosemary oil cost me $25. I'm so thrilled to have bought this that I tell everyone I know, and a few of my friends, about 20 of them, also have ordered the spray, Muscle Mist, and that is truly the best for any type of aches or pains. Thanks, Pam Flores - Sacramento, CA

My name is Samantha Wright and my colleague, Lauren Takahashi, has turned me on to your product and it is a miracle all right! I am so impressed with your product. I get migraine headaches all the time and it ceases my headaches and makes me a much happier person. I am addicted to no end. It has helped and thank you for creating a product that really, really works. Keep doing what you are doing and thank you so much for making a product that has and will continue to save my life. Take care.

I was at the Pomona Fair in California when I came to your booth. Kathy was there talking about your products. My daughter gets migraine headaches often so I was very much interested in trying your Rosemary to see if it would help her. She has been using it now for several weeks and has not had one of her bad migraines. In fact, she has used it when she has felt that one might be on its way and has gotten relief without the use of her medication! This is phenomenal to us! Anyone that deals with this type of headache should give this product a try. We know we will always have it on hand! It works!!!! Theresa and Krystal Miller - Highland, CA

I have had migraines forever and the Rosemary really helped me get rid of them fast. Belynn (age 13) - NM

The Rosemary has helped my chronic headaches. I no longer need aspirin constantly. I used to have migraines every day and I haven’t had one since – it’s been a full year. Also the Ylang has helped me stay focused with studying as well as taking tests. This stuff actually works. I was able to stop my medication for ADD and just use the Ylang. The Muscle Mist is perfect for people who play sports – it’s like a quick massage. Rachel Branch - NM

We use the Ylang with our foster kids and it really helps calm them down…90% of them have ADD or ADHD. I use the Rosemary for my migraines every night. We got the Rosemary about three years ago and I don’t get migraines very often anymore - once every few months but they used to be once a week at least and I only got the small jar. Terry - NM

I’ve had migraines for the past 23 years. They have been increasingly worse the last 10 years - every day or every other day. I’m under medical supervision and taking prescription medications daily to prevent the headaches, but they still persist. Even with insurance – very costly! Now with the new aromatherapy, Rosemary, every night – and using Muscle Mist in the night & every morning – I have not had a migraine in the last two weeks! I will continue to use this product! Thank you!!! Debbie Fosso - NM

I bought the Rosemary aromatherapy for my migraines and the Muscle Mist for tension in my neck. I have used these products for about a month and only one migraine in that entire time. Absolutely no tension headaches. Thank you for your wonderful product! Lisette Herrera - NM

Bought the Rosemary for migraines at the L.A. County Fair. I have been suffering for one year with constant migraines. Never went away. And was worse around when my hormonal time came. The first time I used it I slept with it at night and then smelled it before school and a whole week went by and not one migraine…and because I’m not suffering anymore, I’m more talkative with friends and family. Amy (16 years old)

I use the Ylang to help me sleep after a long day of worrying about the stresses that the day brings. I open my jar at night and I relax. I fall asleep without worrying about all the things I need to take care of the following day. My eight-year-old daughter also uses it to fall asleep. I also use the Rosemary oil for my migraines and it works great. I highly recommend all of these products. The Muscle Mist is great, too!!!! Gina Vargas

Bought the Grapefruit to help suppress my appetite. I waited till I was hungry and then I smell the oil 3-4 times, then I kept it on my desk at work. And then I opened it up about one hour before dinner and lunch and it takes away the feeling of wanting to eat something, so then I get something light to eat or juice and makes me not want to eat lots. I also bought the Muscle Mist spray for my boyfriend and he didn’t believe it, so I made him use it one day and now he is a true believer and uses it every day. This one’s the best….I had a hangover and the next day I remembered Bree telling me the Rosemary was one of them…I opened the Rosemary oil and smelled it like three minutes and my hangover and headache were gone within 5 minutes. I have never had a headache hangover go away so fast. I love it!!!!!!! Emily – Clovis, CA

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