Muscle Mist was formerly known as Miracle Mist

My massage therapist turned me on to MM several years ago and I use it mostly for headaches. The only thing - I have to be careful not to get it in my eyes. I have headaches that can "take me down" and when I catch it in time with a squirt of MM on my temple and base of my skull it pretty much stops the headache in its tracks. I've turned friends on to it as well and I'm ever so grateful for this product as are they. Short and sweet, Reva Kussmaul, Money Coach

Hi, my name is Erin Rodrigues and I had bought your muscle spray about 1 year ago from our county fair that we have here on Maui, Hawaii. It works wonders--it's not oily like Icy Hot and the pain goes away in a few minutes--you don't even have to massage it in. My children use it as well since they must be having growing pains and muscle aches from their soccer practices and games. I also bought your Marjoram at the fair as well; but I didn't buy it for snoring--I bought it for my children--when they catch a cold and have a really wet cough--I open the jar in their bedroom and by the next morning their cough is gone or much, much better. Thank you very much for these products. They really work wonders. Again thank you, Erin Rodrigues - Maui, Hawaii.

I, personally, have not tried your product. However, at lunch yesterday there were six ladies, including myself, who had just finished 18 holes of golf and enjoying lunch. Someone brought up your product, Muscle Mist. One of the ladies happened to have some in her purse. Turns out 3 of the ladies use your product and said how much they liked it. One of the other ladies wanted the address to make an order. Fortunately, I do not have arthritis pains (which they all had) but was interested for my daughter.

My daughter, age 11, has been undergoing treatment for her thymic cancer (rare in children.) I feel we were Guided to Chris as my daughter was the one who wanted to go into the building where she was located. (Since she couldn't do any rides, I told her to take me wherever she wanted.) Chris could tell she was hurting and asked if she wanted to try a spray on her feet. The look of relief on my daughter's face was wonderful to behold. I had to try it to feel what she was experiencing. Chris then asked her if she slept well or had aches and pains. She answered, "I always have aches and pains and don't sleep well." Chris had my daughter smell the oils for insomnia, and she liked the Chamomile. Chris recommended the Marjoram as it would boost her immune system, also. We bought a bottle of Marjoram and the Muscle Mist. We used the Muscle Mist only two days more as the Marjoram helped her to sleep better and longer. For some reason, her feet stopped hurting. She still has aches and pains but NOTHING like she used to. I have to add a story about children who spend the night. We all know how they go to sleep late and wake up early. My daughter's best friend had been sleeping over one or two days a week for a year. So I know their routine and am prepared for the following days of going to bed early to compensate for the lack of sleep. I opened the jar of Marjoram when the girls were getting ready for bed, and I told my daughter's friend what it was and what it was for. Since my daughter is still fighting cancer, both girls agreed to keep our nine o'clock bedtime. In less than a half hour both girls were asleep. They didn't wake up until 8 o'clock! Since I have been using the Marjoram, both girls sleep better and longer than they did before I started using it. I am impressed as I didn't think it would make THAT much difference. Thank you, Chris, for helping us out on our journey and easing my daughter's burden a bit. Donna Victors - Big Lake, Alaska

I went to the San Juan County Fair. I went through the exhibit area and found your booth. The attendant there was very friendly and I was fascinated with the products. I was experiencing pain at the time in my legs and around my neck area. The lady attending the booth there sprayed me with some of your product. She told me to come back in an hour or so. I left the area and went to look at other booths. I completely forgot about the pain in my legs and neck. I felt great. Thank you! I find the product to be very healing. Not just for myself but for my family as well. My mom fractured her wrist and I spray her wrist with it. She says it takes away the pain and makes working in the garden easier. It does wonders for the hard worker in my house who's always out in the field working on heavy equipment. He comes home and needs some relief in the back area. My daughter likes the scents that help with diet and appetite. She's trying to lose a few pounds and she says that when she does smell the Apple scent it does help with craving certain foods. I will be ordering again soon and I have been telling people about your products. Darlene Lee

I am a young person - in my early 20's who is trying to get back into a healthy/active lifestyle, one that I enjoyed in my teen years. I know about the different kinds of aches and pains that come with working out and for me in particular that usually means leg and foot cramps. The other night I engaged in a 2-hour tennis marathon with some friends. Not having played in about a month I was excited to hit the courts, bypassing any sort of warm-up or stretching. I bet you know what's coming next. As I was lying down to sleep that night I did notice my legs were a bit tense and being the vigilant stretcher I was (yeah, right) I ignored them, shut the light off and went to bed. About 30 mins. later I awoke to this horrible aching pain in my left leg. It hurt. It hurt badly. I couldn't even think managing only to yell out something that sounded like " gah.. ow. mrrph my leg." I flexed both legs to try and relieve the pain, which worked for a little bit. Being ever so lucky, flexing my right leg actually caused me to get a cramp on the opposite side of that leg. So I'm trying to hold one leg in a position and another in the opposite position and failing miserably. My screams of pain call my mother in to find out what the heck was going on. She grabs this bottle of what looks like water and tells me to stand up. At this point the pain has subsided but the muscles are tense - where any false move will send them to cramp and you to start crying. She says let me spray this and proceeds to spray some gunk on my legs in the spots where I'm cramping. A few minutes later my legs starting to warm up but I notice the pain is already fading, I grab the bottle and ask "What in the world is that stuff?" It was some spray that she picked up from a farm fair in Kauai. After a few minutes I was able to go back to bed, the pain almost completely gone, my leg just a bit tense. For about 10 mins. the areas where she sprayed were warm/hot, a bit uncomfortable but way better than having a cramp. The big test was this morning when I woke up. My leg felt 100%; even stretching out the leg didn't hurt. Just a few minutes ago I got to get a good look at the spray and it was your Muscle Mist Spray - I was even so curious as to check out your website. Clicking around, I saw your ad for testimonials and thought what the heck! I never thought there was such a product or that it would even work. Muscle Mist Spray, which looks like water to me, helped relieve my muscle pain within a few minutes of use. I can't remember what it smells like but I think it was kind of flowery; it wasn't a very strong smell. In the morning I didn't even notice residue or anything on my leg. This product is the coolest stuff ever. It relieved my cramping muscles in a few minutes' time. My one complaint is that it was very warm verging on hot - overall a small price to pay for relief. Well, I hope this "testimonial" is helpful. You have a very good product and I hope y'all do well selling it. I'll be buying my mother another bottle of this whenever we end up using it all - we got a big one so it may take some time. :) Laura Carvalho - Hilo, Hawaii

I would like to give my testimonial on the use of their oils and Muscle Mist. I was diagnosed with "vertigo" - there was no medication to be given, no alternative exercises - only "learn to deal with it." Don't drive. Don't hold the baby. Use caution in all you decide. I endured this awful feeling of almost falling over for about three months. My daughter reminded me to try the Lavender & Peppermint. I had to call Chris for the Lavender. Once I received it I put it to use! By the second day, I was not feeling as dizzy and was assured I could walk a straight line with no assistance. By the fifth day, I was able to turn my head side to side, tilt my head back, and was comfortable holding one of my grandchildren. By the seventh day I was driving again. Why didn't I use this when diagnosed? I didn't know Aroma Sensations could cure something medicines couldn't pin down. Their Muscle Mist is GREAT! All our family members use this. My mom does yard work. I help her, along with helping my boyfriend at his farming field. (lots of hard work. LABOR) All of us use it! No massaging, no smell, a great relaxed feeling. We suffer from lower back pain, leg pains, leg cramps. In fact, I am sure we need to order some more Muscle Mist. (hopefully we will have enough to order the new ecomomy size .) Just a note: My daughter Monica is quick to remind all of her family members and friends of Aroma Sensations. She is always coming over to trade jars with me: Snoring, migraines - her favorite is the Ylang. Chris & Bree, thank you for teaching her your trade of Aroma Sensations. Oh! Don't know if you know.she is expecting AGAIN. Due: February 26, 2008. Take care! Can't say "thank you" enough! Elaine Macias - New Mexico

I bought the Muscle Mist and AromaSedona Rosemary at a health fair as I suffer from severe migraines. They are both wonderful products and both work great. I have tried several other products on the market and they do not work. I will continue to use these products and will even try other products in the future. Ayla Goodger

Hi, a couple of years ago, my husband attended a New Products Show and came home with a bottle of "Miracle Mist." He was having some sore back issues and said that they sprayed him at the show and it felt better. I was a little skeptical but he said it helped so great. He continued to use it and said that the sensation that you got after it was sprayed really helped relieve the pain. A few weeks later, my shoulder started to ache. The doctor said I had tendonitis in my shoulder. After a little prodding, my husband convinced me to try the spray. Much to my amazement, it actually helped. My shoulder felt better and I could sleep and move my shoulder again. My husband was also a snorer. He tried the Marjoram oil and his breathing at night improved immensely. These are great products. Use them and you will see for yourself. Thank you, Pat Jardine-Cruz

I bought the Chamomile, Lavender, Ylang, Peppermint & Muscle Mist spray..they all work fantastic! My headaches go away and my aching muscles go away with the spray! Carol Agbisit

I had hurt my back last October and had gone to a chiropractor for help. I got several treatments but my doctor told me I would always have some sort of pain. A friend of mine gave me the Muscle Mist to try. Needless to say, if I feel my back start to hurt, I use the Muscle Mist and the relief I get is out of this world. I sprayed some of the Muscle Mist on a friend of mine who has MS and the relief he got was amazing!!!! Thank you for your product. Rosie Bostic of Alaska

Aloha - I have leg cramps at night that can get so bad I can't even stand up. I have tried all kinds of things: calcium, potassium, drinking more water, homeopathic remedies, heating pads, hot wet compresses, etc., but since I was given a bottle of Muscle Mist, it is my first step when I feel a cramp starting, and 95% of the time, that is all it takes to get it to go away! I really appreciate getting my sleep since I found Muscle Mist. Now I am hooked and I have to reorder!

My husband suffers from fibromyalgia and Muscle Mist brings immediate relief when he gets up in the morning and gets home after a long day at work. It's an amazing product! Jenny Malott - Arroyo Grande, CA

Aroma Sensations, recently I was at a friend's house and strained my shoulder lifting something. I was in serious pain and was considering leaving to return home to take a pill and lay down. I was told to wait for one minute while my friend left the room and returned with a little bottle of spray mist. I was told to raise my shirt.being the curious type and trusting my friend's judgment I complied. Well, I cannot begin to tell you the shock that I had when this little bottle of misting spray (Muscle Mist) had my shoulder feeling amazing in less than 30 seconds! No joke, this stuff is unbelievable. I've always been one to think the herbal remedies were for people that used tambourines and annoy you at the airport, but I believe in it now. Muscle Mist is AMAZING, and I now have a Muscle Mist spray bottle in my cabinet. Warmest regards, Don Burr

I purchased the products last week and I really like them. The Muscle Mist really does wonders for my feet. I have plantar fasciitis and have had a surgery but it did not completely relieve the problem. I spray my feet before I go to bed and my feet do not hurt when I get up. I spray them in the morning before I leave for work and my feet don't hurt during the day. In fact, I walked around at the festival for two days and my husband said he had not seen me walk like that for a long time without being in pain. I also use the Mist for my carpal tunnel problems and can use my hands much longer without them hurting. If they start to give me a problem, I just spray them again and go on working. I haven't had to wear my wrist bands since I started using the Mist. I also purchased the products for help with hot flashes. I have been having them more and more lately and they have been a lot worse. I use the Rose at night and Rosemary during the day and I have not had a hot flash since I started using them. They also help with asthma and Rose helps with problems sleeping. I seem to not have a problem going to sleep and sleeping all night since I started using it. In fact, I went back and purchased some more. I have told friends about the product and some have gone to purchase it. I told my sister who has fibromyalgia and she has purchased it to try. Nancy Ross

My name is Nelson Walker and I was at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer, Alaska. I was not tired but my ankles were in pain as they were for the last 20 years (as a young man I played sports). I decided to go sit down and sat down next to this booth and took off my shoe and started rubbing my ankle. The nice lady asked if my feet hurt and I said, no, it is my ankle and said I may have to go back to the RV to rest them both. She then gave me a spray bottle and told me how to apply and I did and she said go and walk around. I sprayed it on and told her I don't have to because the pain is gone and I asked if I could spray it on my other ankle and she said yes. For 20+ years I've had ankle problems and with Muscle Mist they were gone in less than 30 seconds. What a miracle. Nelson Walker - Kiana, Alaska

One year ago I came to the fair & had them spray my thumb which I was not able to bend hardly at all without a lot of pain. I had it X-rayed & they said I had calcium deposits & bursitis & would never bend it. I am bending & using my thumb like any normal person. My doctor could hardly believe it. He wants the name of the product. I am taking a card to him today. J.Y. - Alaska (63 years old)

I have been using the Muscle Mist for over a year and it has reduced my back pain by 65%. Before the Mist there were times I couldn't get out of bed due to the pain. Now I just spray & can get on with my busy day. Thank you. Annette May - NM

I have used Muscle Mist for the past 8 years. I really can't do without it. I have fibromyalgia along with migraines, headaches and a lower back pain injury. Muscle Mist has worked over these past 8 years like a dream. I have shared my Muscle Mist with friends and all (more than 20 people) except one got rid of their pain. The exception was one who has severe migraines. My friends share this with their family. One friend is in the 80-year-old range and has bought this for each of her siblings. She works hard in her garden and one evening at a scrap event was complaining of back pain. Right there at the event, I sprayed her back. By the relief in her face, I knew once again that Muscle Mist had worked its magic. That year, she bought all her siblings a big bottle so they could experience this relief, also. I had a bottle of this at my desk and everyone in the area would borrow it to relieve their aches and pains. I took it one night to Vacation Bible School. I worked the registration desk. One of my friends was having back pains and so I sprayed her. She went and shared with another lady who has RA and you should have seen the RA lady jumping of joy. So, of course, I brought the bottle each night to VBS for my friends. I share the web address with so many people. This is the only spray that can relieve my pain. I truly believe in the wonders of this product. For those who I meet who have headaches/migraines, I will spray this and then think to ask them like 10 minutes later how is their head. So far, all of them (except the one above) said the pain was gone. Truly a remarkable product. Can't live without my Muscle Mist!!! v/r Carol Coleman

I purchased the products last week and I really like them. The Muscle Mist really does wonders for my feet. I have plantar fasciitis and have had a surgery but it did not completely relieve the problem. I spray my feet before I go to bed and my feet do not hurt when I get up. I spray them in the morning before I leave for work and my feet don't hurt during the day. In fact, I walked around at the festival for two days and my husband said he had not seen me walk like that for a long time without being in pain. I also use the Mist for my carpal tunnel problems and can use my hands much longer without them hurting. If they start to give me a problem, I just spray them again and go on working. I haven't had to wear my wrist bands since I started using the Mist. I also purchased the products for help with hot flashes. I have been having them more and more lately and they have been a lot worse. I use the Rose at night and Rosemary during the day and I have not had a hot flash since I started using them. They also help with asthma, and Rose helps with problems sleeping. I seem to not have a problem going to sleep and sleeping all night since I started using it. In fact, I went back and purchased some more. I have told friends about the product and some have gone to purchase it. I told my sister who has fibromyalgia and she has purchased it to try. Nancy Ross

I have purchased many bottles of Muscle Mist for friends and family. I originally found you at COD in Palm Desert. I love this product. It really works great. My dog is also benefitting from it - she has arthritis in her hips and it helps her to move around easily. Thank you so much for this wonderful product. B. Binz - Diamond Bar, CA

We were at the Pomona Fair when we saw Kathy at your booth spraying a solution on people if they had aching or sore muscles. Krystal, my daughter, had an auto accident several years ago and has neck and shoulder pains. Kathy sprayed some on her and we continued to walk around the fair. We had to come back to buy the "Muscle Mist Spray." My daughter was so excited that she found something that could help her pain!!! We would advise anyone that is experiencing pain to give it a try. All you have to lose is the pain and gain sheer relief!! Thank you for this amazing product. Theresa & Krystal Miller - Highland, CA

I play soccer & with all of my activity and a shoulder injury I can at least continue to play! I can't be off the field! I am the goalie! Ryan Thompson (15 years old) - La Verne, CA

I use Muscle Mist. It relieves my pain & makes me feel great. J. Rodriguez

My daughter is autistic and it has helped her with her sensory sensitivity! She is much more easily adaptive to major sensory sensations. She's also used Muscle Mist for menstrual cramps. Tracy Thompson - La Verne, CA

Fantastic feeling! Feels good! (Arlana has fibromyalgia) Arlana Moralies

I have severe migraines & have not had a migraine. What a refreshing feeling to not have to take medication! I also have used Muscle Mist for severe back pain and I have been able to move & do my "motherly" activities more easily. Tracy Thompson

I have MS and have had it for about 30 years. I use the Muscle Mist for relief from the pain in my muscles and for the pain associated with the optic neuritis. I spray it on in the morning and before I go to bed - I get relief from the pain. It is absolutely fantastic. I have used the Muscle Mist for more than a year and I recommend it to everyone. Thanks. Barbra - NM

I have sleep apnea and the Marjoram worked the first night. My dog stopped snoring, too (Boxer/Shar-Pei). I feel more rested and have more energy in the morning. I use the Anti-Smoke at work - I smell it and put some on my mustache and I don't smoke. I also use the Muscle Mist for my legs and elbows. I'm a team roper and am on a horse for two hours and it really helps. Eric - NM

Mom found this stuff several years back at a craft show and I have been hooked ever since. I have TMJ and chronic migraines and it's the only thing that has ever worked. I use the Rosemary for migraines, more like a preventative, and if I do get a migraine, I use the Muscle Mist. As for the TMJ, the ONLY thing that makes it feel better when I have a flare-up is the Muscle Mist. I order the big one for the house and the small one for my purse. Many thanks. Kendra - Miami, FL

My husband and I visited the Aroma Sensations booth at the Redlands Market place a few weeks ago and got closer when I heard that there was a treatment available for snoring. We came over to speak to Bree who was kind enough to walk us through the steps in getting him to stop in a matter of days. The first night my husband rubbed a bit of oil under his nose to accelerate the chances that he wouldn't snore. After that night, he has not snored once. Marjoram really WORKS! I also bought Pine for my allergies and Ylang for stress reduction and relaxation and the Muscle Mist for my pre-workout (this really works on loosening the muscle and diminishing any pain that might exist). Many of my co-workers are interested in their products now. Now I'm buying for family members that need help with arthritis! Jackie G.

Hi.I am a user of the Muscle Mist and wanted to share how much it has helped me to avoid a knee replacement!!! I need to have one done but they want to put it off as long as they can (had a blood clot through heart into lung last surgery)!! WELL, it has been three years and I have not had it yet!!! I use Muscle Mist when it hurts - and it makes the pain go away and I can walk - enjoy life, etc. The doctor is amazed I can live with my knees as bone on bone as I worked in the fields when I was young and it wore my knees to the bone and both are worn out!! I can't tell you how much this product has helped me enjoy life and also by being able to avoid knee replacement. I keep hearing of new ways of doing it that aren't as invasive and not as long a recovery!! If I can keep pain away with Muscle Mist, who knows, it may be a piece of cake when I need it!! New technology was two to three months recovery.and now two weeks when they use the scope and pull the kneecap to the side and don't have to cut muscles!!! I'm still betting on Muscle Mist and avoiding the surgery!! KEEP WORKING FOR ME, MUSCLE MIST!! YOU ARE TRULY MY FRIEND! Also love no smell when I wear it like other products!!! Mrs. "C" in Colorado

When I was approached at a home show & asked to try the Muscle Mist I was, to say the least, very skeptical. I let them spray my back which, due to being a truck driver, always hurts, walked around for about 30 minutes & went back and bought the Muscle Mist. My son-in-law is a paramedic and today he was complaining about his hip hurting so I let him try my Muscle Mist. He told me to order some for him -- it was the best thing he ever had for muscle strain. My daughter-in-law is a CNA/Home health care worker and I sprayed some on her neck -- she also wants me to order her some. Can I get this in 55-gallon drums?

Hi, I bought the Muscle Mist at the art fair in Brentwood, CA, and was amazed at how well and how quickly it works on my tired, sore or strained muscles. Sometimes I use it just because I want the feeling of a muscle massage on my back, neck and shoulders. The spray is easy to use, not greasy like creams and smells fresh, unlike muscle creams. I can use it before work or before I go out, and no one will be wrinkling their noses! I liked it so much that I ended up buying one for my mom and my aunt, who has arthritis, and she in turn got one for my cousin, who has a bad back injury. They all love it. In fact, I'm just about out of mine and ordering a new one today. It's great stuff. Thanks so much! Cara

I bought my first bottle at Big Hat Days in Clovis, CA, last April. My 82-year-old mother has severe pain in her knees. She has been using the Muscle Mist almost daily since I purchased it. This morning she said, "I don't care where or how you get it, but please get me some more of this spray." It's the only thing that has given her any relief. Janice Huey - Fresno, CA

A friend of mine went to a show in Phoenix, Arizona, and she bought a small bottle of the Muscle Mist. I carpool with her to work and was having a lot of back muscle spasms. She introduced me to your product and now I go around asking everyone that if they have any muscle aches, or pains, I have the "Miracle Muscle Spray" that will help them. You should be getting a lot of orders. I ordered a bottle for my father-in-law in Tucson, Arizona, and he is now a believer after one spray use!!!! He was taking a lot of pain reliever pills and muscle relaxers and now ONLY uses the spray and is telling everyone about it. My daughter was also involved in a car accident and was VERY SORE...this spray worked wonders on her, too!!! Thank you for a wonderful product. Betty Aguilar - Arizona

I started snoring really bad about a year ago. My friend suggested to buy the Marjoram jar. I've been using it every night since late January. I have stopped snoring completely. I will use it forever now. I also am a runner & sometimes my lower back and knees hurt. I spray on Muscle Mist now and the pain goes completely away! I have shared it with my 80-year-old mother who lives in a retirement village and she has bad ankles. She sprays her ankles - the pain goes away. She now goes around spraying all the old ladies there. I've now shared it with one of my running buddies. She recently had shin splints, sprayed and the pain went away. It's a GREAT product! Dana Petersen - Albuquerque, NM

First of all I want to say THIS PRODUCT IS AMAZING!!!! I'm referring to the Muscle Mist. My friend at work was at the street fair at College of the Desert in Palm Desert, CA, last weekend and she tried the Muscle Mist on her knee and her pain went away. She was telling me this on Monday. I had sprained my neck and asked her if she had it with her. She did not but brought it the next day. She sprayed my neck, it got all warm and tingly (not hot.a pleasant, comfortable warm feeling).within 15 seconds, my neck stopped hurting for 7 HOURS!!! Unbelievable! I went to the street fair this last weekend, sought out the Aroma Sensations booth and purchased a bottle for myself. This weekend my neck didn't hurt at all (didn't need ANY pain medication orally).not only on my neck, but also on my hip.sometimes it hurts so bad I can barely walk.I used the Muscle Mist on my hip and waist area this weekend and had NO PAIN at all. This was the first time in many moons that I have not had pain.I was even able to play around with my 7-year-old granddaughter with ease. I was advised by the nice man at the booth to spray on the Mist before my pain started, so this morning I sprayed it on after my body cooled down from my shower (on my neck and hip).that was 2-1/2 hours ago.and where I normally would be feeling the pain by now here at my desk transcribing.there is, I would urge anyone with pain from arthritis or gout or whatever to buy this amazing product. I will definitely be buying more when my bottle runs out. Have a Great Day! Loretta :+}

I recently competed in the TEMPE ARIZONA IRONMAN - my 1st IRONMAN competition. In recent weeks, I had received a trial bottle of your Muscle Mist -- so I decided to take it down with me for the race. I had never used it prior, but figured I'd give it a good "test run" for this event! I used it throughout the entire bike portion and also the run portion - carried it with me in my pack. I used it on my calf muscles, my neck, shins and my knees --- sprayed it on roughly every 10 miles on the bike and every 5 miles on the run. I used the entire bottle! I also shared it with 4 or 5 other participants along the way. I expected to be sore post IRONMAN for the obvious reasons, though I felt so great afterwards and attribute a lot of that to your product. My body incurred 15 hours of constant exercise, sore muscles, stress --- it was a long day! I trained for 6 months for the IRONMAN and had no prior injuries going into the race. Having it on the course with me made a huge difference -- and using it on a consistent basis helped in the process of my healing. I believe having Muscle Mist with me made all the difference in my performance on race day and also in my recovery, which was extremely important to me. I loved your product! I'm a first time user and will be a lifetime client. Thank you! Jalene

Hi, I first experienced Muscle Mist this past summer and was immediately impressed. I used it on my neck and shoulders and any other aches and pains. I restarted it this week when I started a new job where I am on my feet on a concrete floor for 8 hours every day and, boy, do my feet bother me. I had tried Theragesic which helped some, but then remembered the Muscle Mist and sprayed it on my neck, which was also hurting and my knees and my feet. They all thanked me and I thank you. I even took it to my new job and let the girls try it out. Jean Kiel

3 years ago, I ran my first marathon in Honolulu and found Miracle/Muscle Mist at the Expo that was held before it. It literally helped me finish that marathon, as I had really bad cramps in my legs halfway through the race. The tingling and relief from the miracle spray was just what I needed to power me to the finish line. Ever since then, I've recommended it to relatives (like my grandfather) who have arthritis and friends with sports injuries. They all love it! I end up giving them samples from my large bottle and have to keep reordering. Please don't stop making this product -- I don't know what we'd do without it! Skye Mikki Goo

I stumbled on your Muscle Mist product by accident, while looking at your smoking cessation oil. When I read the Muscle Mist was good for sciatica, I thought I'd get some for my mom to try. When it arrived, I noticed on the brochure it indicated it was good at relieving tension headaches. I had been suffering for three years from almost daily tension headaches. My family doctor and neurologist prescribed 6 different medications to either try to prevent them or to treat them after the fact. None of them worked. I was becoming very unpleasant to be around, as my headaches wiped out any ounce of patience I had. My family was suffering, because I was suffering. The very first time I tried Muscle Mist, it stopped my headache. I was hoping it was not a coincidence. It wasn't. For the past nine months now, I can honestly say I have never had a headache that Muscle Mist has not stopped dead in its tracks. It has truly become a lifesaver. I keep a bottle of Muscle Mist in my purse with me at all times. This product did for me what none of the doctors could do.....stop those headaches. It truly should be called Miracle Mist.....because that is what it has been for me. I did share a bottle with my mother and she has received great results from hers as well. She sprays every day and it does bring her relief from her muscle pain. I am so thankful that I found this's the one thing I never leave the house without!! Thankfully yours and headache-free, Karen Braithwaite - Camino, CA

Dear Aroma Sensations: I've been using your Muscle Mist product for 6 weeks - this is an unbelievable product! I originally purchased it for a neck problem stemming from a pinched nerve. I had instant relief and am now using it for my fibromyalgia and TMJ problem. The dentist had told me that I'd have to use night guards to stop the grinding - not so! I recommend this product for everyone who's ever had a muscle ache or pain. Barbara Spagnola

I was first introduced to Aroma Sensations at a home show in West Palm Beach, FL, a month or so ago & I do want to say I have never been sold on a product so quickly. The Muscle Mist is fantastic!! I have a lower back pain when I am on my feet too long & I walked for approximately 8 hours one day after I had used the spray and, amazingly, no backache. I am so sold on this product that I am ordering some for my daughter & son-in-law and my daughter-in-law who all have back problems occasionally. I also gave my son-in-law the Eucalyptus oil to help him with his allergies and when I gave it to him he laughed at me but he tried it & now wants more. Good job!! Marian Garshak - Delray Beach, FL

My name is Alberta Jimenez and since first discovering Muscle Mist I reorder this product when I notice I am low. I first purchased Muscle Mist at the Fresno Fair in October of 2005. Who knew what a revolution it would become in my life. My mother and I suffered from chronic neck and upper back pain. Upon first testing Muscle Mist, we were treated to a refreshing spray by the enthusiastic staff -- our immediate reaction was pleasant. The spray began to penetrate our upper back and neck area like a thousand little massaging fingers. We purchased a small bottle each. After using Muscle Mist daily to relax the neck and upper back stress, the pain lessened. After a period of 3 weeks, we were using the Mist simply as a preventative and currently, we only use Mist on that area when we feel tension as it has truly alleviated this painful once daily experience. My mother suffers from painful leg cramps and as a diabetic has swollen dark brown/nearly purple lower legs. She began to spray her legs and feet with Muscle Mist nightly. She was surprised at how this spray immediately ceased her cramps and also opened the blood flow into her legs and feet to the extent that she no longer had to sit up in bed with her feet hanging over the bed before standing. She can now wake up, and get up immediately -- the blood flow to her feet has improved this dramatically and instantly. This past Sunday my aunt entered the hospital. Her condition was other than her feet, but during her stay, the doctors, nurses and orderlies came in to tell her several times a day that she is in danger as a diabetic of facing amputation from her ankle down because of the horrible swelling and purpleness and loss of blood flow to her feet. When I visited her Monday and heard the nurse come in to say this to her, I immediately took my spray out and sprayed her feet from bottom to knee, I carry my spray with me everywhere. Her feet were in such a severe state that she did not feel this first spray but the aroma of the spray pleased her and she commented on this. We all enjoy immensely the healing scent that comes from the spray. Before I left the hospital 4 hours later I sprayed her again from knees to feet. This time she actually felt the spray lightly. She has been spraying her feet now for the last 4 days and continues to notice improvement in her circulation daily. We are all so grateful to you for this product which I continue to order (as I now supply 4 people...) regularly. Thank you for giving the public a healing spray not only potent and effective, but also pleasing and natural. All the best, Alberta Jimenez

Purchased our first 4 oz. bottle of Muscle Mist at College of the Desert. It's wonderful. Helps my arthritis in my hands. Helps my daughter's plantar fasciitis and my husband's aching arches! Showed our podiatrist. He had not heard of it but said it had all good ingredients. Barbara Schneider - Danville, CA

I was at the fair last year and purchased a jar of Marjoram & Muscle Mist. My snoring is no longer using the Marjoram. I used the Muscle Mist for the Maui Marathon this year and it definitely helped through the 26.2 miles to Lahaina. Love the products! Mahalo! Chocolate Helmer - HI

I purchased the Rosemary, Patchouli and Muscle Mist at the Home & Garden Show in Washington, DC. They all worked as promised. My hot flashes have decreased dramatically!!! And I don't have to take pain pills for my sprained knee. I love these products, have told some friends about them and am wondering what I would need to do to become a distributor of Aroma Sensations & Muscle Mist? Thanks and keep up the great work! Linda B.

Hi Bree, my daughter and I met you the other night at the LA Fair and just wanted to say thanks! Loved the products you sell. I purchased the Ylang and can say I've actually had some great night's sleep since (I often wake in the middle of the night and would rarely sleep a full night). Since "sniffing" the Ylang before I go to bed, I've slept through the night and wake more refreshed than the past. I've never been one to take or like the effects of sleeping pills and got to say this is much better. I was a little skeptical at first (you know, snake oil salesmen of the past), but thought would give a try since nothing else seemed to work. We also purchased the Muscle Mist and what a great product. I've been using it daily on a sore neck and can say I have movement that I haven't had in a long time. I actually shared the product with my brother and he's now going to visit your booth at the fair to purchase. I have only 1 bad comment for the product... and that, should be sold in gallon containers, cause once you share/show this to a friend or family member, they want mine. Thanks again for your product and it was great meeting you. You know your product and we love ours. Can't wait to purchase some of the other aroma oils. PS>>> My daughter was the girl with allergic reactions to many products and I can safely say, since using the InsectiNo, she's had no breakouts and hasn't come home from work with any new sand flea bites!!! Thanks again for the wonderful products!!! Cindy & Nichole - San Bernardino, CA

Bought first bottle at a flea market in Yuma, AZ, to use for my arthritis. However, I have been using it for shingles, which are on my head. I use it twice a day and it does a good job of controlling the itch and pain. Thanks again. Ralph Harvey

Muscle Mist is awesome! It has lessened my pain and I'm in pain every day! I've probably had fibromyalgia since I was a kid - they just hadn't diagnosed it. Rosemary is lessening my migraines. It doesn't take them completely away but it's only been a week! I love the smell! Kathy Claus - NM

To whom it may concern: In 1982 I was told by several doctors that due to my excessive running I had developed a severe case of plantar fasciitis. At times my foot would swell to the point I had to remove my shoe. The pain was something that I learned to live with. Of course I had to stop recreational running. Last year I went to a natural body building show, with a dear friend, in Pasadena. I stopped at your booth and a nice young lady asked me to try your Muscle Mist. Of course I said "no" and added that I did not believe in potions. The young woman asked to spray my foot free of charge. Please note that at that time my foot flared up again and I needed to unlace my shoe and I had a slight limp to my walk. My friend and I left your booth and I started to complain as the mist has a strong medicine odor. About five minutes later the pain was gone and the swelling subsided. I looked at my friend and told him about the years of suffering I had endured and that I forgot how good it felt not to have this swelling and foot pain. We were both startled and I went straight back to buy a bottle. Of course, I thought that this pain-free feeling would not last! It has been over a year. I have NOT had any pain at all! I have never recommended any product in my life for any reason. But, I must say that this Muscle Mist worked for me. SINCERELY, R. Tamayo

Hi, I would just like to tell you that I had my left knee replaced September 21st of '07, not long ago. I cannot handle Vicodin or other medications too long as it makes me stupid, to say the least. I have undergone several procedures through the years on that knee (58) and injury that I received while in the military. Two days ago my wife pulled this Muscle Mist because of the pain that I had. I realize that knee replacement is a major procedure and that repairs internally can create quite a bit of pain. So I tried it and the pain went away for about 3 hours -- enough for me to get some sleep at last! Am impressed with your product? Yes! Thanks for this. Moses Ornelas Valdez

I purchased the Muscle Mist and the oil for snoring. It was wonderful. My husband who has sleep apnea and snores very loud went to sleep last night and there was not loud snoring. I fell asleep without the disturbance. We both used the Muscle Mist and it worked like a miracle. I have had a bad pain in my left shoulder and a pull in my neck on the right side. After spraying the mist both went away in minutes and I sprayed again this morning and have had no pain all day. I not only recommend it but will continue to purchase these items. Mahalo, Lynette

Hello, just want to say the MUSCLE MIST is the BOMB!!! We use the Mist on all aches and pains. It works wonders. I have got all of my friends hooked on the MIST!! It helps to relax and helps all the backaches go away which allows you to sleep well at night. The MIST is the best I have found. It really works. Thanks, Mona Johnson

I have been using the Ylang aroma oil at night. My sleep has been great. The room smells refreshing. I have used the Muscle Mist spray after playing volleyball and have not experienced any cramping. Thanks for the great products - June Overholt

Hello! I have been loving your Muscle Mist spray! I have fibromyalgia and use your Muscle Mist spray every day. It is very helpful for my achiness and it doesn't take time to dry. As soon as I spray it on it dries within seconds and doesn't leave a residue on my clothes like a Ben-Gay cream would. Thank you for making such a fabulous product! My kids are even using it for sore muscles from sports and they call it the "miracle spray"! Sincerely, Melanie Kelsay

Dear Ladies, my name is Sabina Croft. I attended the Country Folk Arts Show in Edison, N.J., on October 21st and 22nd. My friends and I visited your booth. My friend, who had a sore neck at the time, let you spray her neck with Muscle Mist. While we looked at your other products, she stated that her pain was relieved. She encouraged me to buy some Muscle Mist for my sore back. I have several bulging discs, a hemangioma and arthritis in my lumbar/sacral area. I use a TENS unit for the chronic pain. It does help most of the time, but the surrounding tissues/muscles tighten up when I have been standing or walking for more than a few minutes. If I continue to stay upright, the muscles go into spasm and then pull my sacrum and hips out of place. It then requires a chiropractic adjustment to fix my back. My back was tight and sore when I was at your Aroma Sensations booth, so I bought the Muscle Mist (other products, too). I applied the Mist to the areas around the TENS electrodes. Within a couple of minutes, the tightened muscles relaxed. My friend and I continued to shop our way around the show. I sprayed my back twice more while at the show and was able to stay on my feet for three hours. Your Muscle Mist REALLY helped ease the tension in my back. Thanks to you and your Muscle Mist, I had a very enjoyable day shopping with my friends. I have used the Mist almost every day since. I apply it before doing my stretching and exercise routine. I carry a small bottle with me while at work. Muscle Mist relieves my muscle tension daily. Thank you again. Sincerely, Sabina Croft - New Woodstock, NY

I am an advocate for the use of all the Aroma Sensations products. I have been using all of them since 2003. The aromatherapies I enjoy throughout the year (they last forever it seems) and I leave most of mine open year-round! I especially love the Muscle Mist at all times, too! I am a nurse and I highly recommend all products! Tanya

I picked up two bottles of the Muscle Mist and a jar of Lavender oil at the LA County Fair. Talk about a miracle. I have fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, arthritis in my neck and spine, diabetes, CFIDS. Four whiffs of the Lavender oil at bedtime and I conk right out instead of tossing and turning until 2:00am from pain. The Muscle Mist immediately stops the pain in my feet, legs, neck & shoulders so I can sleep undisturbed and not moan and cry from pain. I love that it dries within a minute and you don't have to rub in a greasy cream. Sincerely, Esther Terrell - South Gate, CA

I'm from Iowa. As you know, it can get pretty cold in the winter here and what doesn't hurt, doesn't work. Well, I guess I missed the October 15th deadline, but I just found out about this product this week. I have a couple knuckles that ache from arthritis and someone brought a bottle of the Muscle Mist to work and so I tried it. I am sold! It's the only thing I've found that worked! My coworker received it from a relative and she gave it to me, as she doesn't have arthritis. I was thrilled with the relief I got from using it that I let a couple other friends use it, and one is ordering online, as it helped a place that she hadn't been able to free of pain. I hope you don't raise the price because of this. I think once word gets around, you will make lots of money on this product alone. I would be willing to show your products in Iowa and help get the word out. Jane M. Johnson

I have psoriatic arthritis which makes my joint stiff and painful especially at night and in the morning. When I wake up the only way I can get relief without getting up and taking strong medications is to spray on the Muscle Mist that I purchased at a home show in Orlando. It works and I can fall back asleep because the pain is eased. I never want to be without this product. It has saved me from terrible pain. A. Morrissette

We bought the Muscle Mist & the Marjoram for snoring. The Muscle Mist I have used & love and used it on my boss & co-worker who went online and ordered 4 more bottles of Muscle Mist for $27.00 -- more than I paid at the fair per bottle -- it's that good. The Marjoram for snoring - what snoring?? That's all I need to say! Thanks, Janette

I have been using the Ylang aroma oil at night. My sleep has been great. The room smells refreshing. I have used the Muscle Mist spray after playing volleyball and have not experienced any cramping. Thanks for the great products, Jun

I have used the Ylang for my grandson's hyperactivity and found it helped him sleep better and he seemed to be able to sit and do his schoolwork better. Thank you, Ira
(PS - The Muscle Mist spray is great for my husband's back.)

I have had a chronic back injury since I was 13. Ten years later, I found Muscle Mist. It was a miracle. I tried everything to fix my back, but the moment I tried Muscle Mist I know I would never try anything else again. I felt the relief instantly. Muscle Mist saved me a lot of pain and discomfort, and a lot of money. I love Muscle Mist and would encourage anyone else to just try it. You won't regret it! Sonia - West Virginia

Hi, my name is Lauren and I first came across your Muscle Mist in New Mexico. Being a native Texan, and never hearing of Muscle Mist before, I decided to give it a try. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia almost 2 years ago and I wish I would have had Muscle Mist so much sooner! From the moment I spray it on my sore muscles or joints, I feel instant relief. It is so soothing and cool, and really helps me relax. It's great to spray on after I start feeling pain, or right before I go to bed. The smell opens up my sinuses and helps me feel at ease. This product is fantastic and I recommend it to anyone who has muscle or joint pain! Sincerely, Lauren - Texas

I purchased the Muscle Mist at the Rib Cookoff in Sparks, NV - and I can't say enough great things about it. My husband was with me and was rolling his eyes at me as to say, "just another waste of money!" When he came home with a pulled muscle in his back from work I sprayed some on the sore area and now he swears by it. He loves it so much that I'm afraid that he will use it all - and I won't have any left when I need it for my back and feet! Looks like I'll just have to purchase some more! I also need to get some of the Marjoram for his snoring - can't wait until it gets here! Come back to the Reno area soon! Roxanne - Reno, NV

Bree, thanks for spending so much time with me and my sister at the LA County Fair. We bought several items. I gave the Mist to my parents. My mom has not had any night cramps since using the muscle spray. It is a huge blessing. Thanks, June

Muscle Mist is amazing! Sometimes it is the only thing to relieve my pain. I have suffered from fibromyalgia for 5 years and Muscle Mist is a miracle! Stacie - NM

Muscle Mist has helped immensely on a knee replacement, neck, legs, feet and muscle aches. I have recommended it to my family and they have had excellent results. I have used it since you came to the fair 3-4 years ago. Thank you, Lucy

Last year at the state fair my knee was in extreme pain due to sports injuries. I've had one reconstruction operation on my knee but the pain has never left. I had been walking around and noticed "Aroma Sensations." I was offered a spray sample of the Muscle Mist. I sprayed some on my knee thinking I could lose nothing by trying. After walking around (on concrete floor) for less than 15 minutes, my pain had reduced significantly!! I was very surprised that I could walk with almost no pain. Understand that my pain only allowed me to walk about 10 minutes then I would have to stop to rest my knee. Now, I can walk all day at the fair without having to stop. I also use the spray prior to my softball games or any workouts. I use the spray on any pain. Today I came to the fair just to restock and also to buy for family members who have tried the spray and have felt the relief! Thanks so much, Teri

We bought the Muscle Mist spray last year and it really works fantastic! Thanks again, John

I used the Muscle Mist and it helped me with my knees. Eucalyptus has helped my asthma. You have great products. Thanks, Carmen

It's so amazingly good, you won't believe how quickly you'll lose your pain with Muscle Mist. Thanks, Theresa

Muscle Mist is fantastic! Marjoram worked - but took a while (6-7 months). I'm hoping by using Pine it maybe will work even better. Thanks, Odilia

I have severe osteoarthritis & have been in pain now for 10 years. I was taking Vicodin, on morphine patches, Celebrex and several other pain medications. I went to the Fresno Fair and was in intense pain from walking longer than I should have. I had several spots that were in agony when I received a sample while at your booth. It was like a nice ice pack & it felt wonderful. When I got home I used it on my shoulders, feet, knees, thighs and hips. I also bought and love the jar of Lavender. For the first time in a long time I slept 9 hours.I normally awaken at 3am - basically every 3 hours I'm awake. The Lavender is wonderful!! Even with all the medications I'm on, I'd still have pain. I've seen everyone there is for pain in 10 years. The Muscle Mist gives relief for quite a while. I just wish I had found it sooner. Nothing else worked and this does! Caren - Fresno, CA

I bought a bottle of your Muscle Mist at the Big Fresno Fair on the 10th. The demonstrator sprayed some on my wrist, where I have carpal tunnel. The pain went away within minutes and as of now, 7am on the 11th, the pain has not come back.

I ran into your booth at the Big Fresno Fair last year. I have fibromyalgia and if you know what that is, it's probably because you have it. Living with chronic pain is very difficult to do. We stopped by the booth last year out of curiosity and began smelling different things. As our conversation progressed they began making recommendations. I listened politely and was ready to move on. I am certain that I have tried almost everything on the market for pain, or at least my pocketbook thinks so. I've tried rubs, sprays, wraps, homemade remedies, etc. Anything that I get any relief from smells so bad that nobody is willing to be in the same room with me. Then I can't wear it to work because I deal with the public all day long. I kept trying to leave because I knew this was going to be no different. They finally talked me into letting them spray my back and I could come back if I wanted. No high pressure. It was as simple as "What do you have to lose?" If it didn't work I just didn't go back. As I was leaving I noticed my stuffiness was gone and stayed gone for the entire day. As for the MUSCLE MIST, I have finally found something that not only works, but isn't offensive to others. Is it a cure? No, but it sure has made my life more pleasant! Needless to say, we were pleased to see your booth return to the fair this year. We shared our joy and relief and they thought I should share my story. Thank you, Aroma Sensations. Jenny - Kerman, CA

Mom found this stuff several years back at a craft show and I have been hooked ever since. I have TMJ and chronic migraines and it's the only thing that has ever worked. I use the Rosemary for migraines, more like a preventative, and if I do get a migraine, I use the Muscle Mist. As for the TMJ, the ONLY thing that makes it feel better when I have a flare-up is the Muscle Mist. I order the big one for the house and the small one for my purse. Many thanks. Kendra - Miami, FL

Hi Bree and Chris! I was visiting early this month from PA (the last weekend you were at the street fair) and I bought several products and was the person who had lost her sense of smell over 5 years ago and began to smell things after being around the oils! Well, not only can I now pick up some smells, the oils are doing fantastic things for me! Allergies and asthma are really bad here in PA this time of year and I was having major problems; however, the Pine has helped me a lot! I am still with the Grapefruit and Apple and will let you know how they work. I am excited to keep up with the one for anti-snoring and will keep you posted on that. Finally, the Muscle Mist is taking away enough of the plantar pain at night where I can actually get some sleep! I am blessed to have discovered Aroma Sensations! Thank you, Terri Levine - Pennsylvania

My sister was with me when we first learned of your product at the Pomona Fair. She has a large German Shepherd that suffers from seizures. She has used this on him and he has not had a seizure since she bought hers back in September. I just wanted you to have this information and let you know that it does work wonders. The vet was afraid that the dog would have to be put down since he was having so many seizures during the week. Like I said, he is seizure free since she sprays it on his head. You just saved his life with this Mist. Thanks from all of us who use it and swear by it. Elaine Hayes - Garden Grove, CA

I purchased Muscle Mist at a home show that was in Las Vegas, NV. I purchased this product to help with lower back pain that I continuously have from carrying my disabled son. I had great results and I found the warming of the menthol very relaxing and I had immediate results. My entire family uses this product now and I feel that it is the #1 savior for my migraine headaches. By utilizing this product, it has allowed me to eliminate the need for a pain reliever and I have no side effects from the product. Thank you for providing a wonderful product! Coleen Hubel

Bought the Grapefruit to help suppress my appetite. I waited till I was hungry and then I smell the oil 3-4 times, then I kept it on my desk at work. And then I opened it up about one hour before dinner and lunch and it takes away the feeling of wanting to eat something, so then I get something light to eat or juice and makes me not want to eat lots. I also bought the Muscle Mist spray for my boyfriend and he didn't believe it, so I made him use it one day and now he is a true believer and uses it every day. This one's the best..I had a hangover and the next day I remembered Bree telling me the Rosemary was one of them.I opened the Rosemary oil and smelled it like three minutes and my hangover and headache were gone within 5 minutes. I have never had a headache hangover go away so fast. I love it!!!!!!! Emily - Clovis, CA

We love the Muscle Mist. We actually call it the "Magic Mist." It works great on all our muscles & joints. The Lavender oil is great for relaxing and sleeping. We use the Eucalyptus and it's my best friend at night - it keeps my sinuses clear while sleeping. I can't thank you enough. Thank you, Bree. Marie Lavgeloli - Staten Island, NY

We attended the Santa Barbara County Fair where we were first introduced to Muscle Mist. I was given a free spray on my upper back as it was extremely sore. After a few minutes the soreness was gone. I asked my sister, who was visiting from England, if she thought it would help our mum as she has very severe arthritis in her feet and knees. I have sent her so many different supposedly miracle pain relievers in the past and none worked. I decided to buy a small bottle and send it with my sister to my mum in England. After a few days I called my mum and she was so happy with the Muscle Mist. She said for the first time in years she was able to sleep for the whole night free of pain. She couldn't say enough good things about it other than she was afraid the bottle wouldn't last long and she didn't want to do without it. I contacted Aroma Sensations and they mailed a large bottle to my mum in England. She was so grateful and said she would recommend the Muscle Mist to anyone with severe arthritis pain. Jeannette Parker

Was sold on your Muscle Mist at a Sacramento Home Show about 2-1/2 years ago. Now I make sure to keep it handy for any time I get muscle aches. I've also gotten it for my Dad who has had much more use of his hands because of it. Now I make it a point to attend home shows where you will be in attendance just so I can stock up! Thank you!!! Jeanne Lowe - Fair Oaks, CA

I purchased a bottle of Muscle Mist last weekend at the Billings Fair in Billings, Montana, after the demonstrator sprayed some on my neck and shoulders, which are always in pain. Wow, I was instantly impressed!!! I took the bottle home and asked my friend John if he'd like to try it on his shoulder, which has really been hurting him. He was amazed at how quickly it worked. My friend Colleen tried it on her elbows and knees and she, too, was impressed. I ended up leaving it in Chinook yesterday but wish I had brought it back to Billings as I really could use it today. Jean Kiel - Billings, MT

My sister introduced me to Muscle Mist. I was having some pain in my neck from an accident which happened 5 years ago. And coupled with symptoms from the accident, I've been noticing as I get older my neck isn't as flexible as it used to be. It hurts to simply turn my neck from side to side. I've tried going to a chiropractor; however, I couldn't see paying such large sums of money to someone who used jarring, quick snaps to my neck 3 times a week. I couldn't help but think that one of these days the chiropractor would jerk my neck and accidentally snap my spine, then render me a paraplegic, so I stopped going. One evening while having dinner with my sister, she noticed me trying to massage my neck to ease the pain. She asked me to try some Muscle Mist on my neck area. I applied it to the area a few minutes before retiring that evening. The soothing, warm sensation I experienced immediately after the application actually took my mind off of the pain and in a few minutes I drifted off to sleep. I didn't awaken three or four times during the night like I normally do to adjust my pillow due to my neck pain. I slept right through, and awoke the next morning feeling refreshed. I could turn my neck from side to side without much discomfort. It was just great! I can't wait to receive my very own bottle of Muscle Mist! Respectfully, Sheila Simpliciano

The Lavender works! I bought it for my mother and now she sleeps better! My mother, Josie, also has a lot of pain in her legs and back, so I also purchased the Mist. The pain is not so unbearable. My mother uses it at night and in the morning. Annabell Myers - NM

I have had continuous back pain over the past 8 years and have been diagnosed with severe spinal degeneration in the upper lumbar region and osteoporosis in my mid and lower back. Since purchasing your products (Muscle Mist and several of the oils) at the Women's Expo in Phoenix, Arizona, I have seen amazing results and pain-free days. I have and would highly recommend this product to anyone. I asked several of my aunts to try it and they, too, have experienced such remarkable results that they, too, have purchased your product on-line. I wish that I had had your product sooner, but I am really delighted that I discovered it. By the way, I spent 3 days a week in the chiropractor's office for 3 years with no relief. Kathleen - Phoenix, AZ

I use the Mist for neck pain and my husband uses the Mist for gout. He feels it right away and the gout is completely gone in two days. He sprays before he goes to bed.then the next day before work he sprays and then sprays on his socks and it lasts all day. Janet & Megan - Clovis, CA

Wow! It really worked! I have been using this for about a month before I run and it works. I have no pain and I'm able to run longer. Erica Hansen - NM

I love, I mean love, Aroma Sensations. After three nights, my husband, age 74, did not snore at all!! This is a miracle. Thank you, Bree & Chris. PS: I am experiencing a big improvement in my knee using Muscle Mist, so am now going to use Lavender. We are so appreciative. Frances & Bob

The Mist works really well because I broke my right ankle 20 years ago and the pain is unbearable. The Mist has relieved the pain and I can walk a lot more without pain. Also, the Lavender is great. I sleep all night. Donna Kie-Carney - NM

At the Arroyo Grande Strawberry Festival, I wasn't walking because I had gout in my toes. The girls sprayed the Muscle Mist and less than 30 minutes, no redness and swelling of my gout was gone. I also use it on my arthritis in my hands every day. Saved my life and now all my friends went to Fresno Fair to buy some. Judy - Madera, CA

As an equine physical therapist, I test & use a great number of products. Considering my time is very valuable, I need products to be effective and this one works!! Janus - NM I have MS and have had it for about 30 years. I use the Muscle Mist for relief from the pain in my muscles and for the pain associated with the optic neuritis. I spray it on in the morning and before I go to bed - I get relief from the pain. It is absolutely fantastic. I have used the Muscle Mist for more than a year and I recommend it to everyone. Thanks. Barbra - NM

Dear Chris & Bree, I've been using your Muscle Mist for almost a year now. I was visiting my sister in Florida and went to the home show in Orlando. Bree was there promoting the "Miracle Mist." I was having a lot of pain in my lower back from a disc and my sister with her knee. We had Bree spray our pain areas. She told us to walk around and let it work. Both my sister and I said it wouldn't work like soo many other things that don't. So we walked around for a while & I said to Babs, "How's your knee?" and she said the pain was gone and I said, "So is mine." So we went back & Bree said, "Let me spray you again." So she did. I would never believe it if I hadn't tried it. Unbelievable. We bought some & I bought one for my aunt. I have been ordering ever since. Thank you "soo much" for Muscle Mist. Linda Church - MA

I was about to take a pain pill when I was stopped by Michelle and she sprayed Muscle Mist on my back and the pain was starting to lessen within 10 minutes (I was about to take morphine with codeine) Frank Cordero - NM

I first started using the Muscle Mist on a regular basis for wrist pain due to carpal tunnel syndrome. After using it awhile, I noticed that I was using it (and needing it) less and less over time. Now I just use it occasionally on lesser different area pains or when I overwork on the computer at work. Tracy Lee - NM

The Rosemary has helped my chronic headaches. I no longer need aspirin constantly. I used to have migraines every day and I haven't had one since - it's been a full year. Also the Ylang has helped me stay focused with studying as well as taking tests. This stuff actually works. I was able to stop my medication for ADD and just use the Ylang. The Muscle Mist is perfect for people who play sports - it's like a quick massage. Rachel Branch - NM

Purchased Muscle Mist for my girlfriend who was suffering from back pain from a kidney infection. Sprayed the Mist on her back and within 15-20 minutes she was up walking around and feeling great. It really works. She was so very surprised and extremely grateful to me and Aroma Sensations. Mark - England

After a week of use, my wife really did stop snoring and continues to use it. The Miracle Mist works great on my sore muscles & knees. Mike Ford I have sleep apnea and the Marjoram worked the first night. My dog stopped snoring, too (Boxer/Shar-Pei). I feel more rested and have more energy in the morning. I use the Anti-Smoke at work - I smell it and put some on my mustache and I don't smoke. I also use the Muscle Mist for my legs and elbows. I'm a team roper and am on a horse for two hours and it really helps. Eric - NM

Have used Muscle Mist and aromatherapy products ever since the 2004 Women's Show in Portland, Oregon. Love the Pine - keeps my sinuses open - and teamed with Rose, I'm guaranteed a good night's sleep and a great smelling room. The gals in the office love to come in my cubicle when I have the Neroli open.I open it on those days when I need clarity and great! THANK YOU!! Trish Bourdage

My wife and son came back from the local Strawberry Festival with the Muscle Mist (Miracle Mist) and they started to use it right away, my son for his baseball and my wife for her workouts at the gym. I was too busy working around the house and ignoring my slight and subtle body aches. We recently bought a boat and we started to water ski again. After I pulled a muscle in my upper shoulder (which really hurt), my wife suggested using the Muscle Mist. I could not believe how excellent and fast Muscle Mist worked. I now will use it for any minor or major body aches or pains. Life is too short to walk around in PAIN. Thank you. Ed Martinez - Santa Cruz Ca.

The Muscle Mist is fantastic! I couldn't even turn my head and within a few minutes of spraying it on my neck I had full range of motion with NO pain!!! The Bergamot really does make me feel better - especially emotionally; also, I notice that with the Orange Blossom (Neroli). The Lavender helps me sleep at night. The only reason we came to Balloon Fiesta this year was to get more aromatherapy stuff from Chris!!! Sincerely, Judy

I bought a small bottle at the state fair in Colorado last year. I had a sore neck and it helped to relieve the stress in it. I've used it on and off and it always seems to help relieve sore muscles and aches. My son who is 12 years old asks to use it after practice for his sore muscles and swears that it helps. He likes the warm sensation. Ruby - CO

My husband and I were walking through a hotel in Vegas looking at displays. I stopped to take a look and the friendly lady let me try Miracle Mist on my neck and in no time it was feeling great. I caught up to my husband and told him about the Miracle Mist and he suggested I go back and try it with the nothing-to-lose attitude. Well, now I have to order more as he uses it on his aching arm and loves it. I tried to hide it from him but we are still using the same 4 oz. bottle since Oct. '04, so when I discovered the website on the bottle I sat it on the night table to share knowing I can order more. Looking forward to ordering some Marjoram, too. Donna and Hugh - Nova Scotia, Canada

No more messy creams! Six months ago my mother-in-law sent me a bottle of Muscle Mist for my birthday. I thought it was an odd gift, until I tried it. For years, my 10-hour days on my feet as a retail manager were murder on my knees. Every morning started with smelly creams on my knees, and then ice at night to give me enough relief so I could do it all again the next day. But that has changed. Now my mornings start with a quick spray of Muscle Mist and I'm on my way. The relief is unbelievable! The pain I used to endure is gone, and there are no messy creams. No more pain and no more mother-in-law jokes for me! Thanks, Muscle Mist!

My husband and I were recently at the L.A. County Fair and visited your booth. I suffer from a pinched nerve in my back which causes my left hip, leg and knee to hurt so much at night that I am up almost every hour because of the pain. It also affects me when I walk for any length of time. I have had two series of epidurals and the last one, unfortunately, did not work. My only option at this point is back surgery. I tried your Muscle Mist while at the fair and it gave me almost instant relief. I waited for over an hour before going back to your booth to purchase an 8 oz bottle of Muscle Mist as I was still somewhat skeptical about its ability to ease my pain. After using Muscle Mist every day for a week, I am "sold" on this product and what it can do for me. I am placing an order today for more as I do not want to run out. My only hope is that you will make it available in larger containers sometime in the near future. Judy Hultine - Palm Desert, Ca.

Muscle Mist - ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT . An incredible product. Bought it at the Billings Fair. I was amazed when she sprayed it on my neck and shoulders, which hurt all the time. My boyfriend has a shoulder giving him grief - really probably needs surgery, but has used the Muscle Mist and is extremely impressed, too. Since we live 235 miles apart and he has the only bottle I've purchased, I am on your website now to purchase more for both he and I. Great product and even though when first sprayed on the scent is a bit intense (although has a secondary bonus of loosening sinus pressure) when it dries, you don't smell like a medicine cabinet. The cooling, heating relaxation benefits last quite a long time. Thank you so much for creating this amazing product. Jean Kiel - Billings, MT

Muscle Mist has made a real difference in my life. As a chronic psoriasis sufferer, I can tell you I have tried eeeeevery..thing to stop the peculiar itch that accompanies this autoimmune disease. In comparing notes with others, I have also noticed that certain things work for certain people and won't work for others, but Muscle Mist is now by my bed, in my desk at work and in my purse..a "must-have" during an outbreak. The itching used to wake me up at night and I would have to prepare ice packs to wrap around my arms and legs.I would then toss and turn (losing precious sleep) and wake up to wet sheets (from the melted ice). Now I just reach over and spritz the affected area and soon I am back to sleep. An added benefit to this is that because I don't itch myself raw, I have a lot less open sores. Muscle Mist even tingles on these areas, too, which I find soothing. I hope I can add some hope to someone out there that suffers from this because I know how frustrating living with this condition is. Sincerely, Betsy Toro

Good morning Bree, How is it going? Hopefully well. I came to your both twice Labor Day weekend in Reno and we talked about basketball. BTW, my team (SMOOTH) took first place in the tournament. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the Muscle Mist. I was in a car accident in 1996 and my right shoulder had been bothering me. I received treatment with the chiropractor for my back and neck. I stopped the treatment, because I did not feel any changes around my neck, back and shoulder muscles. When we were talking, you sprayed the Muscle Mist on my shoulders. You expressed that it would feel cold and then I would receive the heat. Boy, did I ever get the heat. My muscles were so relaxed that I returned to your booth to purchase the Muscle Mist spray and Lavender aroma for my daughter. Let me tell you, when I got home I used the spray and had fantastic results. My muscles are extremely relaxed from tension. Thanks so much for the wonderful spray! I have benefited tremendously. My muscles are so relaxed from tension. This should be the prescription for sore muscles after an accident. Thanks again! Have a great day, Brigette

I suffer from the pain of fibromyalgia. I take several medications for this illness, but aside from pain pills, none gives me the temporary relief that I experience with the Muscle Mist. I use it twice a day, usually after my morning shower and then again at night when I lay down to sleep. It has really helped me with temporary pain relief, and it also smells great!! Sandra Shively

I bought Muscle Mist spray at an art show of all places. I have found it excellent in relieving back and neck muscle pain. Sometimes I get migraines which can travel from the head down to the back of my neck and then into my throat. I have found that by spraying the back of my neck and then my throat it either relieves this pain or lessens it quite a bit. Thank you for giving me such a treasure. Chantal Denny

I have a friend in La Junta, Colorado, named Shawn Geist and her husband and mine ride motocross together. My husband is always sore after riding and she sprays the Muscle Mist on them when they come back sore. My husband finally asked me to find out where Shawn bought it so we could get some. He thinks it's good stuff! So here I am ordering for him. Thanks for making something that actually works. Leslie - Englewood, CO

I use the Muscle Mist regularly for my rheumatoid arthritis in my back & hands. By using the Mist I don't have to take my pain medications as often as I use to. It helps ease the pain in my back & hands tremendously & makes me able to do the gardening that I love so much. I also love computer work, so my hands aren't hurting so bad when I'm using the Mist. Thank you for having this product available to me, it really helps make my life easier & more comfortable. Sincerely, Ginger Madden

Jake, Tam and Jeff

"The Mist is absolutely amazing. The way it soaks deep into the sore muscles and joints in under 5 minutes. My aching shoulders were practically PAIN FREE! The scented oils helped provide a state of blissful calm that I've only ever attained through hours of meditation." Jake Newelski - San Jose Festival

"Talk about the instant pain relief; gotta love the spray. Nothing has eased my head pain like the amazing Rosemary migraine relief oil." Tam Tran & Jeff Murillo

* Thanks to my mom, my migraines are gone.
* Came with a headache; left feeling great by smelling the Rosemary and a spray of the Muscle Mist on my neck and shoulders. Felt relief within 10 minutes.
* Great!!! I will be back.
* It really works !!!!!

K'Lynne, Lesia, Nadine, Karen and Nedra
Ariana, Paula and Alexis

I have fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis. After trying the Miracle Mist, we all walked away feeling relieved of our pain in our knees and shoulders. - Paula

It's cool if you're active! Because of growing pains and Osgood Schlatter disease, my knees hurt all the time. My mom bought the spray to take away my pain and I love it. - Ariana (7 yrs)

If you play softball and soccer, then you need Miracle Mist. It helps for everything! - Alexis (10 yrs)

Hi! My name is Virginia Smith. I recently purchased the Muscle Mist from the Fresno Fair vendor, Bree Yap and Chris Hardy. I had been for over a year experiencing pain in my lower back but only on my right side. This pain would often wake me up in the middle of the night. I would then have to go and try to sleep in the chair. Doctors could not find anything wrong and just kept on giving me pain pills. Well, I do not like to even take aspirin if I can avoid it. I have been using the Mist for a couple of weeks now. First every night and sometimes throughout the day. Now, well, let's just say if I get a little pain, on goes the spray. I have slept through the night now for at least 2 weeks. Please feel free to use this in your testimonial section. I also sent along a picture if needed. Thank you so very much...everyone is getting this for Christmas.

Virginia Smith
Kelsey and Barb

Love your oil scents! I'm on the road all the time driving in my car and can't wait to use my new Ylang oil to manage my road rage. Mom loves the Mist. The stress and tension from her surf session left as soon as it was sprayed on her tight spots.

It is a miracle!!! My lower back was so tight from intensive backward bending in yoga, but Waaalaaa....Muscle Mist warmed & relaxed my back in 2 minutes. Before I could walk away I was sold. I went home with 2 bottles. Thanks, Muscle Mist.

Rebecca Kovacs- IDEA Expo

Muscle Mist works!!! After being in a car accident, I've always had major back pain and was always looking for something like this. It works...Yeah baby!!!

We pushed wheelchairs all day. After being sprayed, Larry's knees felt better in 5 minutes. Laura has rheumatoid arthritis in her feet and hands. After spraying hands and feet, the redness, swelling and pain went away. Phyllis' shoulders were hurting and within 10 minutes she was feeling much better. Thanks from the Country Oaks Care Center.

Phyllis, Laura, Larry

I'm 16 years old and play volleyball. For the past two months my knees have been bothering me. I was very skeptical about the Miracle Mist but Bree said I had to try it out 'cause she said she has bad knees herself. When she sprayed the Mist, it worked in 1 minute. It smelled good, too.

Go Sharks!"

Katey Lowry from Menifee

Anne Koo

Crazy Anne loved the Mist and oils! She was having so much fun she even sold to her friends and to other customers at our booth.

Hey Anne, want a job? You're awesome! Thanks.

"Awesome! The Bergamot picked me up instantly! I love it! My stress in my neck and shoulders felt better instantly from the Miracle Mist" - Jenny

"I'm getting married soon and work at a very stressful job. I'm also a student in computer science. The spray feels great - it took all the pain away." - Amanda

Jenny & Amy St. Lucas,
Amanda Garner


He had tendonitis in his elbow and got sprayed with the Miracle Mist . He felt relief in seconds.

"I had my neck, shoulders and lower back sprayed and I felt relief in a minute!" - Deanna

"I've had plantar fasciitis for a long time now and was in much pain at the Tucson home and garden show. I got my feet sprayed with the Miracle Mist (Muscle Mist) and it took the pain away within minutes." - Wade

"I have problems in my neck, knees and back. I am going to have surgery on my knees in two weeks so I tried out the spray. I can't believe I felt relief within 2 minutes!" - Gilbert

Deanna & Wade Riley, Tucson
Gilbert Garayzar, Nogales

Patty, Nick, Linda and Bree

"I fell on my shoulder which resulted in some nerve damage. After spraying the Muscle Mist, I was pain-free in 10 minutes. This is amazing stuff!" - Nick

"I love the Cinnamon!! I feel less stressful. Plus, it's a bonus 'cause it's an aphrodisiac, which relates to my Nick." - Patty

Abby and Mom

Dad tried the mist on the knees and now they feel great. Mom has tendinitis in her elbows and the spray took away her pain. Mom and dad bought all these oils and mist for me to use when I get home. I love them. Mommy also bought the marjoram to stop daddy's snoring. I hope it works cause dad keeps me up all night. - Mom, Dad, & Abby (9 months)

Barb and Donna - sisters forever

I LOVE the "Muscle Mist" !!! At last year's fair I bought a small bottle and was upset because I should have gotten the BIG !!! It helps my lower back pain, neck pain and muscle cramps. I want to take it to the softball fields (I'm an umpire) for the ballplayers, but I'd probably never get it back !!! They can buy their own.
Barb Prouse
Santa Maria

I've been using Muscle Mist for a year for leg cramps and lower back pain. It is the only thing that has relieved the pain. When I wake up in the middle of the night with a leg cramp, I spray the area and the pain and cramping disappears within 5 minutes and then i'm back to sleep. Thanks...
Donna Castaneda
Santa Maria

I have very bad knees and sprayed the Mist on them and had immediate relief from the pain. I will use this on a regular basis because it is natural and not going to be detrimental to my health like Vioxx or Celebrex. - Vickie Davis from New Mexico

I am very impressed with Muscle Mist. I have TMJ, my sister has fibromyalgia and it works better than any pills we have ever taken! Thank you! Kendra, Joy & the whole Loesche Clan!

I heard about your product from a friend, who heard about it from another friend. She had a sample and let me use it; it worked extremely well on my strained calf muscle during a game. I am a basketball official and we are always looking for quality products to help us through nagging injuries throughout the season. J. Smith - West Haven, CT

My partner and I were at the Napa Town and County Fair on Sunday and bought a bottle of your Muscle Mist. I kept half and he took half to his mother who has not slept all night in many months due to arthritis in her hands. It wakes her each night. She has tried everything. She sprayed it on her hands as directed, it got warm and for the last 3 nights has slept all through the night without pain and has had no pain during the day. This is some amazing stuff. I use it for my back and shoulder and feel so much better. Thank you so much...A believer, Joy Turner (Well, I wrote the email to you yesterday. Last night before I went to bed I sprayed my neck, shoulder, back all on my right side. I woke up with it a couple of times during the night. This morning, I sprayed again and this evening, for the first time in 3 years, I can lift my arm up directly out to the side of my body. I am a believer and love the fact that I do not have to take a pill for it. Thank you so much, again! Joy)

I hope you remember us (Danny and Doris McCallie). My husband Danny is the blackjack dealer that you met at the Chumash Casino. We stopped by your wonderful booth and spoke with you and your business associate and enjoyed the sample of the Muscle Mist. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you again for such a great product and for allowing us to have the opportunity to talk with you both. We had a great time. Danny had been doing quite a bit of marketing for your business. He has been referring them to your website. The Muscle Mist has been enjoyed by many of the Casino dealers. Danny is doing a great job as being a spokesperson for your product. WE LOVE IT! He has been telling everyone that you are our "FRIEND" and to us, that is just how we see it. We feel that we have gained a friend/friendship. I know that many of our friends and family would benefit from your product. We support your business 100%. Natural Health is the way to go. Take care, Doris McCallie

I bought a bottle of Muscle Mist at the Orlando, Fla., home show in April 2005. I've had painful feet since I fell off a roof 6 years ago. Xrays showed no breaks, but I always had pain at night across the tops of my feet. The Muscle Mist gave me relief 2 minutes after spraying it on. I love it! My knees get a spray as they need it. Dan Driscoll - Hinesburg, VT

Chris, thanks for the response...I have to tell you, I woke up this morning with the most pounding stress headache. I grabbed my Mist to spray my foot (I have a fallen arch and it really helps me get through the pain). I don't know what made me read the bottle because I've been using it since the last show, but I saw for headache relief to spray it on your finger and rub over the "affected areas." I can't even begin to tell you how INSTANTANEOUSLY my headache went away. I thought it was a fluke. I was walking around shaking my head waiting for it to come NEVER did. I can't believe it. I told everyone I spoke to today about the way, the music on the web was peaceful and a great way to start my stressful day, especially once the headache was gone. Thanks again, Danielle

A friend gave me some when I pulled a muscle in my side and after 3 days the pain was gone. I have rheumatoid arthritis and thought that I would be in the bed for a week. The Muscle Mist is great. It kept me from taking a lot of pain pills and muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory drugs. My husband snores bad and if the snoring oil works as good as the Muscle Mist, I will be double happy. Thanks for the show you had in Texas or my friend wouldn't have bought this and I would have never known about it. Thanks, Wanda.

I gave some to my sister-in-law. She loved it - has fibromyalgia so it helped. Now, my son has twisted his back and I am sending him some, too. I totally love this Muscle Mist. I have always used Deep Heat or Icy Hot which leaves a major lingering smell - couldn't go anywhere without showering to remove the smell. This is fabulous. After a short while, I can meet with people and they don't know I have it on. I really, really love your Mircle Mist. I have had great back pain (herniated disks in neck and lower back) for years. I am so impressed with this, I will truly be an advocate for your product. Referrals are the best business, I am sure you know, and I should be referring a lot! Just thought you should know. :) - Sue Benson, A new believer! (Modesto, CA

Just wanted to say, we visited your booth at the Fresno Fair. We spoke with Bree Yap...she was very informative and delightful. We bought the Muscle Mist and are very impressed with it. Thank you very much...DJ - Clovis, CA

Around noon my knees hurt. I used the Muscle Mist - within minutes the pain was gone & 7 hours (on my feet) later, there was still no pain. THANK YOU! Cheryl – NM

I had a tension headache for three days. Chris used the Muscle Mist on my neck & back and the headache was gone in about 10 minutes. Sabrina Parker - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Muscle Mist is an incredible aid in pain control. 10 minutes after application and I was feeling little pain on my chest and back, where I had been hurting intensely despite my using doctor-prescribed pain pills for the prior three days. E. Contreras - New Mexico

We used Muscle Mist on a friend of ours' show pig. They had used every vet type of liniment available and the Muscle Mist helped the pig walk and was less sore. She was able to show better. Jeff Hays - NM

Sprayed knees & right hand - no pain for over 10 hours. Robert Garcia - NM

During the morning hours I began to feel a sharp pain in my abdomen. Later in the day while at the NM State Fair, I rented a wheelchair because the pain was too much to bear. After being pushed around in the wheelchair for a few hours, I came up to the booth and explained my pain. Chris asked if I would like to try the spray and I agreed. We sat for about half an hour talking and I forgot about the pain. I stood up from the wheelchair and was able to bend and turn with no problems or pains. Muscle Mist helped take the pain away! Thanks, Chris!! Christina - Belen, NM

My dog ran into my knee. I couldn't straighten out my knee. Chris sprayed my knee and 10 minutes later I could put full weight on my leg & fully straighten out my knee. Yvette - Albuquerque, NM

I have arthritis in my hands and feet, also in my toe. She sprayed my foot - gone all pain in a couple minutes and I have movement. Ken & Debi Mahoney - Antioch, CA

I saw you in Albuquerque, N.M., in Oct. of '03 at the Balloon Fiesta & I tried it. Well, I've now ordered 4-5 bottles of this over the months & it works wonders. I keep myself in supply of it at all times & have recommended it many, many times to friends & family. Again, it works great. Thank you, Ginger Madden, Many, Louisiana

This email is to Bree. We met you at the New Life Expo in SF this past weekend. I was skeptical about your product Muscle Mist, but my partner convinced me to check it out. I have had pain in both of my feet for years; plantar fasciitis and recently Achilles tendonitis. After you sprayed my feet the pain went away. I couldn't believe it!!!!!!!! I am now sharing your product with those close to me who are also in pain. Thank you for your time and interest in helping others. Dorrene and Polly. And how about those Bay Bombers?

Hi! I would like to order 4 bottles of the "Muscle Mist"...I bought this with Lavender & Marjoram at the Aloha Run Expo in Hawaii. Shared it with my friends & my dad and they wanted to order, too. Especially after I told them that a friend tried the "Muscle Mist" after doing the Aloha Run & she could walk without any stiffness after using it! Mae, Hawaii

Supercalafragilisticespialadocious!!!!! I am seeing a surgeon today for a meniscal tear in my knee. For months I have been hobbling around taking much ibuprofen for pain - BUT not since a week ago at the College of the Desert in Palm Desert, CA, when I sprayed my knee with the Muscle Mist! Of course, I have to keep my knee wrapped and be cautious of my activities, but I can sleep all night and walk without pain - walk slowly, but without pain which takes away the extreme tiredness of getting around. I can't wait to tell my doctor that I am on NO PAIN medication. I hope it works as well after the surgery...will keep you advised!!! I have sent 7 people to your website since they have noticed how great I am looking and feeling. This is a GREAT product!!! Cindy D., Orange, CA

I was fortunate to discover Muscle Mist at a new product show. My carpal tunnel pain had me taking Vioxx 25mg. every day. Believe it or not, I was still not pain-free. Then Muscle Mist entered my life and instantly I experienced relief. I am Vioxx-free as well as pain-free. Mahalo and Aloha to Bree and Chris. Gladys S., R.N., Hawaii

I am living proof Muscle Mist worked - from New Jersey!!! Carol D.

I tried the Muscle Mist for the first time at the Balloon Fiesta. I will have to admit that I was skeptical at first, but after they sprayed me, I could feel the effects. I will spread the word in my hometown of Milwaukee, WI - Maureen W.

I am 44 years old. I have had lower back pain leading to sciatica. I got sprayed and almost immediately, like within minutes, I was pain free. I got sprayed for the pain due to a heel spur and thanks to you, I have major relief. Love you, Evie C.

I, Bernie, bought your "Muscle Mist" product in June or July 2003. You came to the home and garden show in Sacramento, California. I want to let you know that it was and still is a great product. I use it for pain. I tell people it is better than taking pills (Tylenol, Advil, etc.). It is great for tired feet, for swollen knees, etc. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Sincerely - thanks again! Bernie in Sacramento (PS: I am purchasing four (4) more bottles for friends and family members who have tried it and like it.)

While at the Balloon Fest visiting from Chicago, my back spasmed like it never has before. I wanted to keep shopping and someone told me he saw some "relaxed" people down the way. I hobbled down holding my back the whole way. 20 minutes after spraying Muscle Mist and sitting and stretching, my back (and neck and feet) all felt released from pain. Thank you!

We came to the New Mexico State Fair and bought 3 bottles of Muscle Mist and loved it. We were in a car accident a couple of years ago and it helped. We came to the Balloon Fiesta hoping to find you there. We got more. Great stuff. You'll be hearing from us again from Colorado - Linda H.

Hi Chris, I am so glad I walked by your booth at the Balloon Festival in Albuquerque. My husband was having trouble with his arthritis in his elbow and I convinced him to try Muscle Mist. It helped him enough that he bought a bottle. I have a dog that is 16 years old and has arthritis so bad that she walks on 3 legs, so when I got home I used the Muscle Mist on her. After 3 times she was running down the hall like a puppy! I have just ordered some to carry in my massage business so I really believe in this! Thanks for finding this! -Donna P.

I was at the L.A County Fair and had no intention of buying aromatherapy oils until Bree Yap had pulled me aside and asked if I had any pains on my body. At the time my feet were aching because of all the walking all day. She sprayed the Muscle Mist on my feet and 10 minutes later I was convinced! So I went back to the booth and I bought a big bottle of Muscle Mist. Then she told me about the stress relief oil. Well, since I work at a stressful environment, I decided to purchase that bottle as well. Three days later, my stress was less! I have returned home happy every day since buying that product. Thank you for saving my life. It is truly a blessing. Thanks again, Bree - Jake C.

For all of you out there who know about Muscle Mist and mostly for those of you who don't, this stuff is AMAZING!!! From tendonitis to mosquito bites it takes away the pain and relieves the itch. I started using it on my Achilles tendon to help with the pain and now it is the first "first aid" I reach for. The other night I was out in the yard about twilight and must have gotten 6 or 7 mosquito bites. Within 30 minutes I was scratching like crazy and figured why not? So I gave the bites a few sprays and just like that the itching stopped. People think I'm crazy when I tell them about "Muscle Mist," but once they concede to try it on their little aches and pains, they are hooked. I just ordered another 3 bottles today and I've got more orders coming in for you. You do realize that you are now committed to supplying your magic for life!!!! Lynda, Modesto Ca.

Dear Bree, I met you at the La Verne Street Fair this summer 2003. I have fibromyalgia. I had been in extreme pain on my neck, left shoulder and arm for three weeks with little relief. You applied Muscle Mist on these areas and within minutes the pain subsided. I now use Muscle Mist as a preventative each morning and as needed. It has helped me so much that I have been able to lower my medication dosage. Thank you for introducing your product to me. Renee

Dear Chris, the Muscle Mist does help for pain relief, but it's hard to spray yourself on the back. I ended up spraying Mist on my fingers, then rubbing it in. Thanks, Bea Y.

I am Rob Williams, a Class A softball player from Texas, who stopped by the Muscle Mist booth to check out the product. After Chris sprayed my aching knees, neck and sore shoulder, I could feel results in about 30 seconds. I felt great for 3-4 hours after she applied the product. I like it when the sprayed injury goes from cold to hot. I ordered two large bottles yesterday.

...Met you at the Strawberry Festival in Sacramento. My husband and I purchased the Miracle Mist, and needless to say we are hooked! It definitely takes care of our aches and pains!...Pamela and Ramiro

...I saw your booth at Warner Park... A lady came over and started talking about the Miracle Mist. I have been having stiff pain in my middle finger for quite a while now ... she had me try the Miracle Mist and I must say it works wonders. I sprayed some before I went to sleep and my middle finger on my right hand is less stiff and much better. ...I like your Miracle Mist product. Keep up the good work! Nancy

Last night I had a horrible, horrible leg cramp in the middle of the night. I tried everything to work it out. I remembered I had purchased the Miracle Mist and I made my way to the restroom where I had put the bottle (of course it took me about 7 minutes to get there because I couldn't straighten out my leg!!). When I finally got there, I sprayed the Miracle Mist all over the affected area and within a minute the whole thing was gone. I didn't need to rub or work the leg cramp out, it just disappeared!! Thank you Miracle Mist!! I am forever in your debt. I will always have Miracle Mist within my reach as I suffer from leg cramps ALL the time. Donna M.

My girlfriend and I went to the home show in Sacramento where we saw the Aroma Sensations booth. My girlfriend had hurt her shoulder. You guys sprayed your new Miracle Mist on it and she felt better. Her mother ended up purchasing a bottle for my back. I was in a car accident about 2 years back is constantly aching. For the past two years, the pain has been so bad that I have undergone extensive physical therapy, regular visits to the chiropractor and heavy daily doses of muscle relaxers and pain killers to subdue the pain.... My girlfriend sprayed the Miracle Mist on my back that day and the pain seemed to subside a little. I continued to apply it daily, sometimes twice a day. After spraying the Miracle Mist on I seemed to find relief for almost the remainder of the day. Sometimes after a hard day at work, I'll apply some more in the afternoon. Honestly for the past two weeks, I have not taken any muscle relaxers or pain killers...After 18 days of use I still have about 3/4 of the bottle left... I am truly amazed and pleased with the Miracle Mist! --Anthon B.

Ladies, again I’m ordering this wonderful Mist and want to tell you how this has helped me. I have rheumatoid arthritis and I use this Mist when it’s really bothering me and it helps me tremendously. I tell all my friends and family about it and, yes, I do let them try it occasionally. Thank you again for your Muscle Mist. I don’t think I could go on without it. Ginger Madden, Louisiana

I just bought the large size of Muscle Mist and love it. It really helps the pain in my fingers and wrists. I was at the home show at the South Florida Fair in West Palm Beach and saw your display. Thank you for inventing this wonderful miracle! Shirley Walling

Hello, Bree: We recently had the pleasure of meeting you at the San Mateo Home Expo Show and you were kind enough to “spray” my sister and me. Maybe I have tougher skin than my sis, but boy o’boy….when that Muscle Mist started to kick in, it felt GREAT! You did my neck/shoulders and lower back and for the first time in almost a year, I had relief from the muscle and nerve pain in my neck. My lower back felt great….just because!! Even though I did not have much discomfort there, it was a nice, warm sensation that was very relaxing for the rest of the afternoon. I immediately thought of my godmother who has sore legs all the time. We took it to her the very next day and told her to wait for a nice “surprise” when the spray kicked in. She was so wonderfully delighted that her shins had relief for the first time in ages! She told me to hurry up and order three more bottles – 1 for each of us - so we don’t run out! This from a woman who has spent HUNDREDS on the “copper” rub and prescription medications for pain and pain “patches.” It’s wonderful to see her be as close to “pain-free” as I’ve ever seen her! Thanks for a great product! Watch for my next order! Laura, Colleen and Emily

Hi…I am a user of the Muscle Mist and wanted to share how much it has helped me to avoid a knee replacement!!! I need to have one done but they want to put it off as long as they can (had a blood clot through heart into lung last surgery)!! WELL, it has been three years and I have not had it yet!!! I use Muscle Mist when it hurts – and it makes the pain go away and I can walk – enjoy life, etc. The doctor is amazed I can live with my knees as bone on bone as I worked in the fields when I was young and it wore my knees to the bone and both are worn out!! I can’t tell you how much this product has helped me enjoy life and also by being able to avoid knee replacement. I keep hearing of new ways of doing it that aren’t as invasive and not as long a recovery!! If I can keep pain away with Muscle Mist, who knows, it may be a piece of cake when I need it!! New technology was two to three months recovery…and now two weeks when they use the scope and pull the kneecap to the side and don’t have to cut muscles!!! I’m still betting on Muscle Mist and avoiding the surgery!! KEEP WORKING FOR ME, MUSCLE MIST!! YOU ARE TRULY MY FRIEND! Also love no smell when I wear it like other products!!! Mrs. “C” in Colorado

I met Chris in Albuquerque and was amazed at the way the Muscle Mist eased my muscle pain. I turned everyone on to it that I knew there and kept bringing them to her tent. Everybody was also amazed at how quick and well the Muscle Mist worked. I also got several of the oils and purchased several for my mother. We LOVE them!! I have three open every night when I sleep – they are wonderful!! I will be ordering more oil soon…just trying to decide which ones. Thanks again - Lani, Boulder, CO

I bought Miracle Mist (now Muscle Mist) at the end of 2004 for my wife Norma’s aching knee and elbow joints and she got immediate relief from pain with every use. Now it’s time to order another large bottle because she is using the Mist on her aching lower back, too! Muscle Mist is indeed a Miracle…and we are so glad to have found it. Norma has been telling her fellow school teachers and several old folks at church about the benefits of Muscle Mist and we have printed the descriptive page from your website more than a dozen times to hand out. We are firm believers in your product and every claim you make for it is really true. From southeast Tennessee, we say “Thanks for the therapy!” Gil & Norma Knier

Muscle Mist has been my lifesaver for approximately a year and a half. I have three degenerated discs in my lower back and one in my neck. Believe me, I am no stranger to pain. I was in Palm Desert in February of 2004 when I was introduced. I have been importing 995ml bottles from Canada, but it is getting too expensive, so I will definitely be purchasing from Aroma Sensations from now on….can you get the 995ml bottle? Thank you for a great Mist. Michelle Koker, Hilton Head Island, SC

I purchased the Muscle Mist at the home & garden show in West Palm Beach, FL, on March 19, 2005. One of the ladies sprayed some of it on my neck while I was there. I could feel a difference so I bought the Mist. A little later in the day as we were walking around the show, my hips started to ache. I had my husband spray some on my back across my hips. In about five minutes, I was feeling no pain. I did not have any pain for the three hours after that we were walking around the show. Last night I sprayed my hips again before bed and woke up to no pain this morning. I always wake up to pain. The Muscle Mist is incredible. Vivia Minkel

I just bought the Miracle Mist today. I have an SI joint disorder and sore shoulder/neck muscles from an accident I suffered in 12-2000. This is very helpful in taking the pain away. Thanks for a wonderful product. Vanessa Harlan – Wabash, IN

I’m B. Colvin from Barstow, Florida, and I have bad knee pain – very painful to walk at times. I tried the Miracle Mist herbal pain spray and in less than five minutes my knees were very limber again and it works for more than seven hours for me. B. Colvin – Barstow, FL

"I love the stuff!! I have them at home and at the office. I just purchased my third jar of Ylang!! I tried the spray and it was wonderful. It worked within seconds!!" Judy Fregoso, Tucson, AZ

I have been using “Muscle Mist” since December 2004. I discovered it at one of the shows during the National Finals Rodeo in Vegas!! My back was killing me and I was so uncomfortable and cranky (nobody is cranky in Vegas). I tried a sample of the spray, walked away and 10 minutes later the pain was gone and I RAN back to buy a bottle of “Muscle Mist.” I have had lower back pain for years. I thought it was from sitting in an office all day, then I thought it was from age (I just turned 49), then I thought it was from a cholesterol medication I was taking. I tried everything over the counter for pain, I went to the chiropractor, a naturopathic and then finally an M.D. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in early February 2005. I cannot get my day started without “Muscle Mist.” I shower, spray, stretch or walk every morning before I begin my day. I have even used it on my 82-year-old mother for arthritis in her knees. Have a terrific day! Karen Norvell, WA

I have used a few of your products and have been very happy with all of them. I recently tried the Muscle Mist because I had injured my knee running. As I get back to my normal running schedule, I have found that your Muscle Mist gives me a lot of pain relief! My husband just tried it this weekend on his golfer’s elbow and couldn’t believe how quickly it eased his discomfort! It’s a great product! The two oils I’ve used the most are the Ylang and the Peppermint. One of my children has trouble falling asleep and the other has a tendency to get headaches. We now keep a jar of these oils in their rooms and it really helps them. Just before bed my son takes a few sniffs of the Ylang and it helps him fall asleep. We also use the Cinnamon in the kitchen to help with cooking smells and dog smells. No one even notices we have a dog when they walk in the house now….it just smells good! Thanks! J. Catterall

I saw you at the show in Syracuse, NY – my shoulders and neck were so tense and painful that it brought on a really bad tension headache. Well, I was sprayed with the Miracle Mist and I had almost instant relief. It lasted through the afternoon. Of course, I bought it. Also, I purchased the Rosemary and Grapefruit. I open them at night on my bedstand and I have had fewer migraines. I recently ordered online the Peppermint and Pine as it’s sinus time for me and they have been tremendous in helping relieve the infections. I swear by aromatherapy and will reorder and I’m hoping you will return to Syracuse in the future. It is so nice to get a restful night’s sleep – the aroma is not overpowering, just very relaxing. Carol in upstate New York

I was introduced to your products at the Colorado State Fair in September of 2004. My wife has had back pain for six years and has had two back surgeries in the past year. I purchased the Muscle Mist and Eucalyptus oil. The relief my wife gets from using the Muscle Mist is truly remarkable – it should be called Miracle Mist. The Eucalyptus oil sits on a nightstand and has an aroma that soothes headaches and opens nasal passages. I also purchased some of the oils as gifts for Christmas and have gotten praise from all who received them. I have tried the Muscle Mist after a long, hard day and agree with my wife this product is great. Yours truly, Kenneth Haigood

In January, while at the South Florida Fair in West Palm Beach, I met Bree Yap and Chris Hardy. They introduced me to your products. I purchased the Peppermint, Lavender and Muscle Mist (all large). Your representatives were very helpful and very knowledgeable. I have used all three products. The Muscle Mist is amazing! I was having trouble sleeping, but since I have been using the Lavender, I have slept better. Last week I flew to San Francisco for a wedding. I did what your representative suggested. I dipped a cotton ball in the Peppermint and placed it in a very small Tupperware container. It was such a strong fragrance, I was able to smell it without opening the container! The Peppermint works wonders! Bree & Chris are assets to your company. Maybe I’ll get to see them again next year at the South Florida Fair. Judi Thompson, FL
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