My fiance and I were at the home show in SF. He has sleep apnea and snores like a grizzly bear! When I saw the Marjoram and that they guaranteed it I figured it was worth a try. That same night he was purring like a kitten! =) In one night the Marjoram worked! I can't thank you enough! Jennifer Flores – San Francisco, CA

I bought the snoring & Anti-Smoke oils at the Kauai County Farm Fair 2007. My husband had been drinking that evening & normally at bedtime, as soon as he hits the pillow, he starts snoring. He is normally a loud snorer & sometimes has sleep apnea. This night was different. Before he went to bed, I had him take 10 deep breaths of the Marjoram in through the nose, not through the mouth, then I had him rub some on his nose. When he started to fall asleep, I didn't hear anything - just normal breathing. I can usually sleep during his snores, but this night I kept waking up to see if he was snoring. The next morning he was a little hungover but he said he thinks he slept well. The second night we did the breathing oils again. Again, he slept well, in part he said he felt like he was breathing better; that he felt the passageway was more open. I would recommend the Marjoram to anyone who is a snorer. It works great! Naea K. - Kauai, HI

Hi, I have been using Marjoram for a year & a half. Before that I had to wear a CPAP machine to keep the throat open to breathe & after two hours my throat was so dry it would wake me up. I also had a rash developing from the mask. Thanks to using Marjoram I do not have to use the CPAP machine for over a year now. I use Marjoram every night. My breathing also kept my wife from getting a good night's sleep. Now we both get a good night's sleep. I now wake up once a night…to go to the bathroom. Thank you, George Fisher.

I purchased the Muscle Mist and the oil for snoring. It was wonderful. My husband who has sleep apnea and snores very loud went to sleep last night and there was not loud snoring. I fell asleep without the disturbance. We both used the Muscle Mist and it worked like a miracle. I have had a bad pain in my left shoulder and a pull in my neck on the right side. After spraying the mist both went away in minutes and I sprayed again this morning and have had no pain all day. I not only recommend it but will continue to purchase these items. Mahalo, Lynette

I purchased this for my husband at the craft show in Edison, NJ, last year, not thinking much of it. His snoring and sleep apnea went away after the 1st night. I had to check him to see if he was breathing! A lifesaver for me, since he snored so loud I could never get a good night's sleep. Truly amazing. Pamela - NJ

Due to unfortunate health problems and unsuccessful medical attempts, I decided to try something natural. I absolutely love these aromatherapies. Some of my problems are: sleep apnea, sinus problems, muscle aches, and actually many more. Aromatherapy is truly a godsend for me. Thank you! - Carla Clugston from New Mexico

I have sleep apnea and the Marjoram worked the first night. My dog stopped snoring, too (Boxer/Shar-Pei). I feel more rested and have more energy in the morning. I use the Anti-Smoke at work – I smell it and put some on my mustache and I don’t smoke. I also use the Muscle Mist for my legs and elbows. I’m a team roper and am on a horse for two hours and it really helps. Eric - NM

I was really surprised that this product worked for a friend of mine who has severe sleep apnea. We actually bought it as a joke for our friend because he snores so loud. When we talked to him a couple of weeks later, we were surprised to hear that it worked. His wife no longer complains to us about his snoring and we are all happy about that. I love this stuff! Sincerely, Melissa Bowers

I’m a 60-year-old renal, diabetic, congestive heart, severe apnea patient as well as have a pulmonary condition (on oxygen) that has been using essential oils of Marjoram to sleep (via a bi-pap machine to inhale as well as applying under nose). This product works very well for me since I’ve come across it approximately three years ago. I also use Peppermint in the morning to wake me up along with good dark coffee to really fire me up. I use Eucalyptus to enhance my breathing occasionally. I also use Rosemary for headaches and Lavender for relaxing. All these products have been working very well for some time. I only regret they have no oil to make me younger or prettier…but then I really don’t need any for the latter. Jim Clark - NM

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