I've been taking medication for borderline high blood pressure for a few years. Without medication, my BP is about 140/90. On medication, it's about 125/80. I started using the Lavender oil (without medication) on July 5. Today, July 10, my blood pressure is 112/72. Another effect of the Lavender has been that my legs don't hurt at night like they usually do. I've had leg pains since I was a kid. The doctors didn't know why my legs hurt so often--they called it "growing pains." But at 40, I'm pretty sure I'm done growing. I attribute the pain to bad circulation. For the past few years, I've had to take ibuprofen every night before bed because by the end of the day, I'd feel a dull ache in my legs that I knew would get worse if I didn't take anything. On my first "Lavender oil night," I decided to skip the ibuprofen and see what the Lavender oil could do to relieve my leg pain. After a while, the pain in my legs dissipated, and I was able to fall asleep (unheard of before the Lavender oil). The best news is that I haven't had leg pain since that night! Mari V. (Please note that Aroma Sensations does not advocate discontinuing the use of any medications. Please consult your physician first.)

I bought the Chamomile, Lavender, Ylang, Peppermint & Muscle Mist spray..they all work fantastic! My headaches go away and my aching muscles go away with the spray! Carol Agbisit

I would like to give my testimonial on the use of their oils and Muscle Mist. I was diagnosed with "vertigo" - there was no medication to be given, no alternative exercises - only "learn to deal with it." Don't drive. Don't hold the baby. Use caution in all you decide. I endured this awful feeling of almost falling over for about three months. My daughter reminded me to try the Lavender & Peppermint. I had to call Chris for the Lavender. Once I received it I put it to use! By the second day, I was not feeling as dizzy and was assured I could walk a straight line with no assistance. By the fifth day, I was able to turn my head side to side, tilt my head back, and was comfortable holding one of my grandchildren. By the seventh day I was driving again. Why didn't I use this when diagnosed? I didn't know Aroma Sensations could cure something medicines couldn't pin down. Their Muscle Mist is GREAT! All our family members use this. My mom does yard work. I help her, along with helping my boyfriend at his farming field. (lots of hard work. LABOR) All of us use it! No massaging, no smell, a great relaxed feeling. We suffer from lower back pain, leg pains, leg cramps. In fact, I am sure we need to order some more Muscle Mist. (hopefully we will have enough to order the new ecomomy size .) Just a note: My daughter Monica is quick to remind all of her family members and friends of Aroma Sensations. She is always coming over to trade jars with me: Snoring, migraines - her favorite is the Ylang. Chris & Bree, thank you for teaching her your trade of Aroma Sensations. Oh! Don't know if you know.she is expecting AGAIN. Due: February 26, 2008. Take care! Can't say "thank you" enough! Elaine Macias - New Mexico

Hi, I was at the Pomona Fair and I saw your booth and I was intrigued. I talked to this lovely young woman about my problems (PTSD, snoring and sleep disturbance, depression, anxiety, vertigo, etc.) She was very helpful and I thought what the hell - I've spent so much money on other things and they didn't work, not to mention the horrible meds with the side effects that made it all worse! So I got Marjoram, Ylang Top and Eucalyptus to help my sleep. I used it that night and I'll be danged if I didn't notice a difference the next morning - I wasn't as tired and my mouth wasn't as dry. I still snore but nowhere as bad and I feel so much better because I'm sleeping better. I also bought Lavender, Rose and Chamomile for my anxiety - they do help. I switch them around depending on how I feel. Also bought Peppermint and Apple - they help me with my vertigo. It doesn't stop my vertigo - I have it pretty bad - but it does calm it down a little and I'll take that over pills any day!!!! To say you have a customer for life is an understatement! Thank you so much! Ruthanne Goodfarb

I have been using the Lavender and in 4 days my pressure went down. Usually it's 140/80s but it was 110/71. Gayle K - Honolulu, HI

Dear Chris, when I first purchased a bottle of Lavender, little did I realize that I would find other Aromas Sedona so very helpful, too. The Lavender did, indeed, help with my getting better sleep. I've since found it more effective by opening it with a jar of Mandarin. The one that has best helped me with sleep has been Neroli. As I've gotten older, I've had to go off all caffeine as it was just sticking too long in my system, making sleep difficult. In doing this and in using the above, whenever needed, my sleep is deep. However, when I need some energy, I have found that Ylang has been absolutely wonderful for this. Since it isn't ingested and as long as I don't use it too late in the day, I certainly get that boost without it disturbing sleep patterns. I've also found Apple to be a good energy booster, as well as a terrific appetite suppressant. Out of all these lovely aromas, Apple is my favorite fragrance. Lastly, I do find that Marjoram is that fine immune system booster. A couple mornings ago, I felt like I was starting to catch a cold. By having Marjoram open on my desk, the symptoms of an oncoming cold soon dissipated. In summary, I found these aromas to be such a great help to my mentioned health needs. I'm thankful to the Lord Jesus for those that have discovered these oils. I'm also thankful to God for you & your staff, such an efficient distributor of this outstanding product. Ruth Dollar - Long Beach, CA

Hi Chris. Thanks for getting back to me. I do use the Lavender and Chamomile together and love them. My daughter is trying the Lavender for her migraines. She's used the Rosemary and it did help, but now she's giving Lavender a try. It seems to be helping, too. Paula Vancil - Hyde Park, NY

Lavender completely helps me well as fall asleep. Ashlee Strangman

Hi Chris! Thank you for your kind email. I would love to respond and give you my opinion of your oils. In the past 8 years I have had numerous opportunities to purchase various types of Lavender oil products. Yours is by far superior! Not only does it have an "authentic" homeopathic scent, the healing properties in it truly work. My husband left a few weeks ago for Iraq. It is our first time being apart and I was very anxious the day he left. I knew I would not be hearing from him for awhile, and the day after he left, my girlfriend and I went to the L.A. Fair to distract me and enjoy the day. When I went to your booth, your staff really represented your company well. They were polite, knowledgeable, and appropriate. I was very impressed at how well they know their product line! So, feeling a little mopey about my situation, I bought one of the small Lavender jars along with a couple of other ones (I have a friend who I gave her that one). Anyway, that night, I got home and right before I went to bed, I was feeling sad and then the self-pity party started. I looked through my purchases and came across your Lavender oil jar. I put on my night clothes and got into bed, opened the jar and did exactly as instructed by your staff...."deep breathing" in the scent three times slowly," etc. I was surprised how calm and soothing it made me feel. I slept like a baby that night. Now every night I open the jar and breathe it in and leave it open on my nightstand, with a protective dish underneath it (again, as instructed by your staff). I put the lid back on in the morning and I am off to work. It's become a nightly ritual that really helps me unwind and I wake up feeling rested. So, that's my story. Thank you for making such a superior product. I will be a longstanding customer. All the best to you and your staff. Laurie

I have severe osteoarthritis & have been in pain now for 10 years. I was taking Vicodin, on morphine patches, Celebrex and several other pain medications. I went to the Fresno Fair and was in intense pain from walking longer than I should have. I had several spots that were in agony when I received a sample while at your booth. It was like a nice ice pack & it felt wonderful. When I got home I used it on my shoulders, feet, knees, thighs and hips. I also bought and love the jar of Lavender. For the first time in a long time I slept 9 hours.I normally awaken at 3am - basically every 3 hours I'm awake. The Lavender is wonderful!! Even with all the medications I'm on, I'd still have pain. I've seen everyone there is for pain in 10 years. The Muscle Mist gives relief for quite a while. I just wish I had found it sooner. Nothing else worked and this does! Caren -Fresno, CA

I picked up two bottles of the Muscle Mist and a jar of Lavender oil at the LA County Fair. Talk about a miracle. I have fibromyalgia, peripheral neuropathy, arthritis in my neck and spine, diabetes, CFIDS. Four whiffs of the Lavender oil at bedtime and I conk right out instead of tossing and turning until 2:00am from pain. The Muscle Mist immediately stops the pain in my feet, legs, neck & shoulders so I can sleep undisturbed and not moan and cry from pain. I love that it dries within a minute and you don't have to rub in a greasy cream. Sincerely, Esther Terrell - South Gate, CA

It really does work! With Lavender and Marjoram, my husband's loud snoring has STOPPED for more than a year!

In our house we do have three of your aromatherapy jars. I do notice less to no snoring when they use the jar of Marjoram. Personally I love the Lavender. Whenever I have too much stress in a day and I'm having trouble sleeping, I pull out the jar. I have the best night when I use it. Thanks, Catherine Solorzano - Fontana

My son has been suffering from insomnia for over a year and a half. I bought the Lavender and Ylang aromatherapy jars to try for him. The first night he used them he fell asleep quickly & slept through the night. Aromatherapy accomplished what strong sleeping pills could not. We will be regular customers. Thank you, Lori Baca - NM (By the way, Michelle recommended I try both the Lavender & the Ylang for the insomnia. She is very knowledgeable and helpful)

The Lavender helped me relax when I was getting to bed. It helped me sleep good. In the morning I felt great. Bradley (age 13) - NM

I'm a 60-year-old renal, diabetic, congestive heart, severe apnea patient as well as have a pulmonary condition (on oxygen) that has been using essential oils of Marjoram to sleep (via a bi-pap machine to inhale as well as applying under nose). This product works very well for me since I've come across it approximately three years ago. I also use Peppermint in the morning to wake me up along with good dark coffee to really fire me up. I use Eucalyptus to enhance my breathing occasionally. I also use Rosemary for headaches and Lavender for relaxing. All these products have been working very well for some time. I only regret they have no oil to make me younger or prettier.but then I really don't need any for the latter. Jim Clark - NM

The Muscle Mist is fantastic! I couldn't even turn my head and within a few minutes of spraying it on my neck I had full range of motion with NO pain!!! The Bergamot really does make me feel better - especially emotionally; also, I notice that with the Orange Blossom (Neroli). The Lavender helps me sleep at night. The only reason we came to Balloon Fiesta this year was to get more aromatherapy stuff from Chris!!! Sincerely, Judy

The Mist works really well because I broke my right ankle 20 years ago and the pain is unbearable. The Mist has relieved the pain and I can walk a lot more without pain. Also, the Lavender is great. I sleep all night. Donna Kie-Carney - NM

The Lavender works! I bought it for my mother and now she sleeps better! My mother, Josie, also has a lot of pain in her legs and back, so I also purchased the Mist. The pain is not so unbearable. My mother uses it at night and in the morning. Annabell Myers - NM

We love the Muscle Mist. We actually call it the "Magic Mist." It works great on all our muscles & joints. The Lavender oil is great for relaxing and sleeping. We use the Eucalyptus and it's my best friend at night - it keeps my sinuses clear while sleeping. I can't thank you enough. Thank you, Bree. Marie Lavgeloli - Staten Island, NY

I am a senior in high school and my freshmen year I was put on a stimulant medication for my ADD. The medication made me very sick; not only did it suppress my hunger, but it made it very difficult to sleep. I would often go days on only three to four hours of sleep total. After two years on the meds, I finally had enough and got off, but still had problems falling asleep. I have always been really into taking care of myself and pampering myself and have recently gotten really into aromatherapy. For my birthday my boyfriend gave me this bag full of "goodies" he'd gotten at a local fair. Inside the bag was a jar of Aroma Sensations Lavender oil. That night I took several big whiffs of the jar and went to sleep like I have never before. I now sleep soo good even without a nightly whiff of the stuff. It just totally relaxes me. I also found that if I'm stressed, overwhelmed or even just fatigued and sore, the Lavender just brings up my spirits and really helps. I love it and I am totally hooked! Nikki

Lisa Kent, Tucson

"I use the Lavender at night and I sleep so much better. Now if I wake up at night, I don't stay awake. I smell the Lavender and I fall right back asleep."

I have fibromyalgia and migraines. I received the Lavender oil (without instruction) as a gift about a year ago. It has remained opened in my bedroom. Another friend purchased a t-shirt from your company and gave that to me as a gift along with your handouts. I did as suggested for the migraines and today was the first day in three weeks that I woke up WITHOUT a migraine! I canít tell you how amazed I was. I feel like a new person! My next purchase is going to be the Anti-Smoke which I am sure will help me kick that bad habit! Great job! Thank you very much for such a wonderful treatment without the side effects of medication!!! Gratefully yours, Renee Martin

I am writing to thank you and tell you that I have been using Lavender and Ylang together every night since I first got the oils and I have been sleeping better than I have slept in years. I was ready to go to a Sleep Center to try to find out why I haven't slept for years and then went to a home show and found the Aroma Sensations booth. I bought the above oils and I have only had one night in the past 2-1/2 weeks that I couldn't sleep and for me that is like a miracle. I use it exactly as directed. Also, I started getting a migraine headache when I was at that home show so I went back to the booth and told them I was getting a migraine. They had me sit down and use Rosemary for about 10 minutes and my headache went away and did NOT return. I bought Rosemary also and have used it one other time at the onset of a migraine - and it works. I just wanted to let you know that this is working for me and I am very pleased with the products and the customer service is excellent. Chris Hardy even drove over to my house to bring me one product that they didn't have at the show. Thanks for being there. Sincerely, Carol R.

"My name is Aiden. I personally tried Lavender and I truly believe in the aromatherapy and my pain went away. Thank you so much." Aiden Q. "(Aiden was having heart palpitations at the booth)"

In January, while at the South Florida Fair in West Palm Beach, I met Bree Yap and Chris Hardy. They introduced me to your products. I purchased the Peppermint, Lavender and Muscle Mist (all large). Your representatives were very helpful and very knowledgeable. I have used all three products. The Muscle Mist is amazing! I was having trouble sleeping, but since I have been using the Lavender, I have slept better. Last week I flew to San Francisco for a wedding. I did what your representative suggested. I dipped a cotton ball in the Peppermint and placed it in a very small Tupperware container. It was such a strong fragrance, I was able to smell it without opening the container! The Peppermint works wonders! Bree & Chris are assets to your company. Maybe Iíll get to see them again next year at the South Florida Fair. Judi Thompson, FL

My wife and I bought several of your products at the Los Angeles Fair last week and I am compelled to tell you what a wonderful product you have (but you already know that). I believe it was Bree who helped us. She is really a delight. A great salesperson, but your products do sell themselves. Your products have succeeded where so-called modern medicine has failed. Two of my wife's favorites are the Lavender and the Rosemary. The Lavender has helped her have a good night's sleep since I can't remember when and the Rosemary really does get rid of her headaches. As for me, I like the Mandarin. I have it open at my desk at work. I feel extremely energized and focused. I can't tell you how excited we are to have discovered the world of Aroma Sensations. You have a customer for life. Faithfully, Greg E.

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