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Oils scent up to a 150 sq. ft. room depending on air circulation within the room. Please note, some oils are more active than others and, therefore, will have a more dominant fragrance. Keep the sponge moist by giving the jar several shakes every couple of days. It is recommended having a saucer or something underneath the jar in case of spillage.


For specific symptoms (i.e., coughing, headaches, travel sickness): Smell until symptom subsides – you will usually feel results within 10 minutes. Periodic sniffs are suggested if symptoms persist.

As a preventative while sleeping (insomnia, snoring, etc.): Open jar, smell 5 times before going to bed & place the open jar as close as possible to you on the night table. (It is suggested that something be placed under the jar in case of spillage such as a saucer or magazine.) In the morning, close the jar and give it several mild shakes to moisten the sponge. In the case of sleep apnea, the obstruction is more severe than the common snorer. If using a CPAP machine, you may place the open jar next to the machine’s intake valve after smelling 5 times. (USE CONSISTENTLY FOR 6 TO 8 WEEKS; SNORING SHOULD STOP BETWEEN 1 TO 6 WEEKS; HOWEVER, THE MARJORAM STILL NEEDS TO BE USED ON A NIGHTLY BASIS AS IT IS NOT A CURE.)

Appetite Suppressants/Anti-Smoke: Whenever you crave a snack between meals or have hunger pangs, smell the oil 5 times. The hunger pangs will usually go away within 1-3 minutes. You may also take 5 sniffs before you eat a meal in order to reduce your portions. The oil may be left open in your vicinity to help with cravings. Use Anti-Smoke in the same manner for cigarette/chewing tobacco cravings. If traveling with oil, place in plastic baggie in case of leakage & keep upright. You may dip a cotton ball in the oil & insert that in a zipper baggie to carry with you safely.

For headaches, follow the same instructions listed for migraines (smell for approximately 5-10 min.). The pain associated with migraines is the result of blood vessels & arteries being dilated (enlarged/inflamed). By inhaling Rosemary, it constricts the arteries & blood vessels which, in turn, takes away the pain and pressure. It is recommended to smell Rosemary continuously until the pain subsides…this normally takes 5-10 minutes. The pressure should gradually decrease. Put the open jar beside you for approximately 5 minutes; this will ensure the arteries remain constricted to reduce the chance of the pain returning. If migraines occur on a very frequent basis, you may use the Rosemary as a preventative measure by keeping it open on your nightstand each night and closing it in the morning. (Please see instructions above for use as a preventative). Travel size jars of Rosemary are available. NOTE: Rosemary can possibly increase blood pressure, so it is not recommended for people who are pregnant or have high blood pressure or epilepsy. Pine may be used for sinus migraines; it is a good nighttime preventative. Ylang & Muscle Mist are great for tension & stress headaches.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: For large size jar of Marjoram (snoring) and both sizes of Rosemary (migraines). Use for six to eight weeks consistently. If you do not see an improvement in your condition, contact us to return product for a refund (minus shipping & handling). Jars must be returned with an original or copy of sales receipt.

NOTE: The oils are not meant to be used on skin. If traveling with oil, place in plastic baggie in case of leakage & keep upright. Once opened, we also suggest putting a layer or two of saran wrap over the opening of the jar prior to putting the lid back on to help prevent leakage, especially if traveling by plane. It is suggested that something be placed under the jar in case of spillage such as a saucer or magazine. Make sure to keep the sponge moist by giving the jar several shakes each morning after use or several times a week; this will increase the longevity of your oil. DO NOT PLACE OILS IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT. As per normal practice during pregnancy or in the cases of major medical conditions, check with your physician before using. Although these oils are helpful in providing relief from symptoms for a wide range of conditions, they are not intended to replace medical advice. Again these are not cures, but to help with or preventative help.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information on these pages is not inteneded for medical claims but for informational and educational purposes. Please consult a health professional for medical advice.

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