We used Anti-Smoke to quit smoking by having it open so the aroma was in the air. We also would touch the sponge & have it on our hands & right under our nose. Worked wonders!!! Jennifer Haller & Victoria Cannoles - Surprise, AZ

I was roaming around and tried the "Anti-Smoking." I took two quick whiffs and then tried to smoke. It was not the same - didn't want to smoke anymore! L. Torres - Alb., NM

I have sleep apnea and the Marjoram worked the first night. My dog stopped snoring, too (Boxer/Shar-Pei). I feel more rested and have more energy in the morning. I use the Anti-Smoke at work - I smell it and put some on my mustache and I don't smoke. I also use the Muscle Mist for my legs and elbows. I'm a team roper and am on a horse for two hours and it really helps. Eric - NM

Exactly one year ago while at our state fair we passed by your Aroma Sensations exhibit. I had been smoking for over 12 years. I commented to my sister-in-law "like smelling something will make you quit smoking." We laughed and kept walking. Before leaving I bought the quit smoking oil and within 3 weeks I quit! It really works! Mary Jo

I've been smoking since I was eight years old...I'm going to be 41. I've literally tried everything to stop smoking. I smelled the Anti-Smoke at the booth and then Chris gave me a paper towel dipped in the oil to take home with me in case I needed it. I smelled the paper towel one or two times that night and that was it besides at the booth. I really haven't had any cravings in almost a whole day. Right when I woke up the next morning I tried smoking a cigarette and didn't want to finish didn't taste right. This is the longest I've been without a cigarette in at least eight to nine years. Since the Anti-Smoke obviously works for me, I went back the next day to buy the jar. James - Palm Desert, CA

I bought the "stop smoking" oil 2 months ago at the first Pleasanton Country Folk Art show you did in August 2004. Now I'm a non smoker and it's only been about 2 months! It's amazing! - Christina Miranda from Oakland, CA

The Marjoram really works to stop snoring. I bought it and within 2 nights, I completely stopped! No more snoring for me! I don't wake up as tired in the morning and I feel more energized during the day. - Bill Walker from Oakland, CA

Christina and Bill

I bought the Anti-Smoke at the Health Fair in New Mexico on Saturday and smelled it a few times. I smoke every 30 minutes, like a chimney. That day, I didnít smoke for 5 HOURS!! The oil took away my cravings big time. All I do is put a little on my mustache and rub some on my hands when I go to work. It smells good, too. - Edward Davis

Edward Davis

I just wanted to thank you tons for coming to the Home Show in Phoenix, Arizona. We purchased the Anti-Smoke oil for my husband and in just 2-3 months he is completely tobacco free. We tried a lot of other methods and nothing worked. This was so awesome for all of us. He didn't have any withdrawal symptoms at all, no jitters or crabbiness or anything. He doesn't even have cravings anymore. It totally cleansed his body. I can't thank you enough for creating this oil and bringing it to the masses. Thank you and Bless you ~ Sincerely, Jennifer and David Berger

I bought one of these at the Pleasanton Craft show last Friday night. I quit smoking on Sunday and this has been a great help in fighting the cravings! I want an extra just in case I lose this one. Thanks! Linda Roseman

I recently decided to try to stop smoking and had the occasion to visit your display in Palm Beach. Your recommendation of the aromatherapy to help me get over this habit was terrific. The use of the product Anti-Smoke has significantly reduced my desire for a cigarette and I know that Anti-Smoke has already been, and will be, a definite benefit to me as I try to change this habit. Many thanks for your recommendation! Yours, Thomas Grebe, Tamarac, FL

I used Anti-Smoke for 1 day after purchasing at the Albuquerque State Fair of 2003 (a year ago). I have been smoke-free since that time. I have not even wanted or thought about smoking, have gained no weight and have retained my sense of humor. I had tried pills, patches, Smoke-Away program, also Nicorette gum. Susie Byrd - NM

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